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    I interview people on this basis quite regularly, both over the phone and in person. The key things I look for are:

    1. ability to communicate/socially interact correctly (i.e. friendly and confident)
    2. really strong evidence that they have actually boned up on the company and the role
    3. strong commercial awareness (i.e. if I asked them about a news story in the industry I worked in I'd expect something well thought through and insightful
    4. A few good examples of where they have demonstrated teamworking, but also some relatively complex planning thought processes (pretty sure most people make these up, I did, but I don't really mind)

    Nervousness I am not too bothered about, its being unprepared and obviously wasting my time that I hate. Enthusiasm and clearly demonstrating you have researched the job and have a real career interest in it will count for a lot.

    PS - lots of graduates around at the minute but we still struggle to get decent candidates for interview at a Big 4 accountancy firm. If you have the key skills above and good A-Levels and a 2:1 there are still lots of opportunities even in this environment (1000 graduate places at my place for next year, probably same at the others).

    Grandpa's lecture ends.
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