#2776374, By AnotherMartin Am I getting enough out of my graphics card?

  • AnotherMartin 5 Nov 2007 17:50:26 6,229 posts
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    uninstall/driver clean the drivers as suggested.

    And if the latest 7.10 cats are no good go back to the 7.7s.

    7.8s and 7.9s completely borked AGP cards (mainly the x1950), which for most people have been fixed with the 7.10s, though some people are still seeing issues with them.

    One way to see if you have got a dodgy install of the ATi drivers is to check in the smartgart settings bit in CCC. If you can't turn on all the PCI read/write bits and get them to stick after a reboot then you have the issue most where seeing in the 7.8/7.9 drivers. Games will still run but at about 2/3rds speed.

    In fact probably just go for the 7.7s anyway, most fixes etc in the later sets have been targeted at the 2X00 range of cards.

    then reinstall November release of DirectX from MS.
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