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    I'm after a bit of advice on picking out a new bike, hoping people here might be able to help out. I haven't had a bike since being a teenager, so I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to this.

    My primary purpose will be for commuting, with some leisure cycling thrown in, maybe a mild amount of off-road. I also prefer an upright position, so I've been looking at hybrid road bikes and comfort bikes.

    I get an excellent discount on Diamondback bikes through my work, so I've narrowed down it down to the following two bikes which fall into my budget. (Apologies for the US links, I live in LA).

    Diamondback Wildwood Classic 170
    Diamondback Insight 2 246

    I have a back condition and am worried that the harder ride of the Insight might cause inflammation. Cycling is otherwise very good exercise for it. The suspension on the Wildwood seems perfect in this regard.

    That said, I know the Insight has the thickened tyres which will be better for the roads I'm going to be riding to work on. Just not sure how hard a ride it will be.

    I've done the typical thing of over-researching all this (you should see my little OCD spreadsheet), so I'm hoping someone who knows what they're talking about can offer me up some advice!
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