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    On the old to-wear-or-not-to-wear-a-helmet debate I'd just like to say that I too felt that wearing a helmet was annoying and not cool. Even after having two accidents on my bike (not as a result of other road users) I still chose not to wear one. I even thought that since I'd walked away from two nasty accidents without a mark on my head then that just reinforced my sentiment on this.

    Then came the day that my luck ran out. Was crossing a roundabout and some twat in his car was busy chatting to his mate and failed to notice me. Ran in to the side of me, I rolled on to his bonnet, he then slammed on his brakes and I got chucked off his bonnet and slammed head first in to the tarmac. I wasn't knocked unconscious but I knew I was in a bad way. I'd put my gloved hand to my forehead and within seconds it was drenched in blood. Fortunately my skull wasn't damaged but the doctors spent some time pulling bits of tarmac out of my head and I now have a permanent scar. Trust me, tarmac is a bitch and hurts like hell. If I'd been wearing a helmet I'd have walked away from that accident with nothing more than minor bruises.

    So if you've ever thought of cycling without a helmet then I first suggest you strap a cheesegrater to a baseball bat and get a mate to smack you round the head with it. If you think it's an experience you're happy with then sure, go cycle without a helmet.
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