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    Just got back from hospital after a serious smash on Thursday morning. Now have an exciting cyborg metal plate and set of screws in my wrist. Having checked the abrasions on my suit this morning (I was on the Brompton on the way to work) I reckon I might have had the world's most impressive one-man crash.

    Was running late for the train and going too fast, so when the guy behind me called out to tell me my season ticket had fallen out of my pocket, a combination of hard braking, the Brompton's high centre of gravity and me trying to look behind me meant I totally wiped out. Must have hit the ground on my left - broken wrist,massive bruise on hip/thigh, big rip in suit - and then flipped over and skidded to a halt on my right - grazes, abrasions on suit, cut on chin/nose/lip.

    Think my wrist was quite a mess. Operation was 2.5hrs - that's not bad going, is it?

    Totally my own fault. Really lucky I didn't hit a car going in the other direction, and that the guy behind me stopped the car that was just coming over the bridge behind us - not sure if he'd have seen me in time to stop.

    Honestly. What a fuckwit. Who in the world spends three days in hospital after coming off a Brommie?!
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