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    caligari wrote:
    Cuchulainn wrote:
    Gah, was due to go into the Specialized shop this morning to get a quote for the Crosstrail but instead spent the morning on the phone to the police and the insurers. Some thieving *^*& took my bike and my wife's from the bike shed at some point over the last two days. Hope they take it for a test ride and cycle under a truck. Which then reverses back over them to see what it hit.

    Oooh - so your old bike is stolen (INSURED!) just before a purchase of a new one?

    Hmmm. ;)

    Heh, just saw this!

    Yeah, it was a bit ironic - we were only talking the previous evening about whether I should lock the new one up in the house since the bike shed isn't locked.

    I decided to cheer myself up on Friday afternoon in the end by goinbg down to the shop and getting the paperwork sorted out for the bike. Now just need to wait for them to process it all. They had me very tempted by a Tricross instead of the Crosstrail, but it's sold out in my size and won't be available again until the 2011 model comes in at the end of september for an extra 50 quid and possibly lower spec..
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