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    Tomo wrote:
    Thanks Bison how much did you spend on your first bike?

    /puts on sheepish face

    er, I actually splashed 750 on a Trek District, a singlespeed that replaces the traditional chain with a carbon fibre belt drive. You don't have to oil it, it's virtually silent, and it won't stretch over time like a chain will. There's no slack in the belt, so the moment you apply pressure to the pedals, it engages. It is, quite frankly, the most extravagantly overpriced yet awesomely fun thing I have ever bought for myself...

    And I expect it's reviled by the rest of the uberhip singlespeed crowd because it's made by a US based mass-market bike manufacturer instead of being hand carved from a block of titanium by a boutique bike maker in Worksop, but frankly, I don't give a fuck :)

    It looks like this:


    and if you're 6' I'd suggest a 58 - 60cm frame
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