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    Right. Iím thinking of spending some cash on a new bike.

    Budget is (slightly randomlyÖ) set at £1,300.

    I donít race Ė most of my riding is the slow-but-steady variety. Iím lucky if my moving speed averages much over 15mph on a longer ride. Since I came off my bike Iíve struggled to regain fitness, but when I was fit I was aiming at 80/90 mile day rides. So Iím looking for something thatís more suited to sportives than track racing.

    At the moment Iíve got a Specialized Secteur Sport. Sora shifters, and the rest of the drivetrain is Tiagra, I think.

    I love it Ė itís comfortable, can get up to a decent speed, pretty stable. But I bet Iíd love a better-equipped bike even more. And Iíve got a hankering for carbon.

    Thereís a few options. Wiggleís Verenti Rhigos 02 looks pretty decent.
    Iíve been recommended the Planet X bike, and for £1300 that comes with SRAM Red. But Iíve been a bit put off by reviews that say itís got a more aggressive riding position, and that thereís a bit of a shimmy at high speeds.

    The one Iím leaning towards at the moment, though, is the Ribble Sportive Bianco. For £1,300, I can get full 105 and upgrade the wheels to Fulcrum 5 (seems to get decent reviews) and a better saddle. Or for the same price I could stick with the stock wheels and saddle, but upgrade to Ultegra.

    Iíve got a feeling that better wheels will make more of a difference to me than going from 105 to Ultegra.

    Any thoughts? Any other bikes I should be thinking of? Iíd much rather be able to buy from a real shop instead of online, but the value seems to be in going to an online-only shop.

    Also, Iím used to a triple. What are the thoughts on a double/compact? Iím guessing that the gear changes will be better with a compact instead of a triple (less angle on the chainline?) and Iím not going to lose too much on the range of gears.

    So go on, chaps. Spend my money for me.
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