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    Mike P wrote:
    CasperCCC wrote:
    (Oh. And Mike P: you're a bastard. Had been pretty much set on a flash carbon fibre lightweight, not a steel-framed monster. But that Fratello is lovely. Now I've got an even harder choice to make. Got Friday afternoon off, and I go past Condor every day. I might stop in and take a look...)

    Did you go and have a look?

    The 2011 Fratello is a handsome piece of kit, I've seen one in the flesh. I've got a carbon bike and an aluminium one. The carbon is strictly weekends-only, but having dragged myself up and down Swains Lane in Highgate on my other bike loaded with my lock and clothes it does feel like it's fitted with a Warp Drive :)

    If I was going to be restricted to one and only one bike I think I'd go for something like the Fratello myself, provided the geometry was right.

    It's this coming Friday afternoon I've got off. Did a bit of a tour today at lunch, though - saw a really nice Cube at Cycle Surgery. Just what I was originally looking for - featherlight, really good components for the money. It just didn't do it for me, though. Not with the Fratello playing on my mind. Stopped off at Condor on the way back and took a look at it in the flesh. It's so nice. I can't resist.

    The Heritage is really nice-looking in real life, too. And the Pista. And the World Series bikes - they're especially lovely.

    So Friday afternoon is now going to be spent getting better-aquainted with some steel frames, and then handing over my credit card.

    Now all I've got to do is work out what to compromise on to give myself a chance of hitting target price. 105 and cut back on the rest? Or go one step down (SRAM Apex?) and get better wheels and a Brooks?

    Pistol - thanks for the comments re fitting. Wasn't what I wanted to hear initially, because my main contenders were both only available online, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Condor will do a proper fitting before you order the bike. I know roughly what geometry suits me, but I've got no idea about stems, handlebars and the rest will suit me - the Secteur was totally off the shelf, and I didn't do much other than adjust the seat height.
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