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    Mike P wrote:
    How did you find their fitting/consultation process? I have a mate at work who's getting himself a new bike and he's lusting after a Fratello, after I chatted with him about it for a while. I've been a responsible grown up and told him to go in and talk to them before he does anything.

    PS: I don't work for Condor. Perhaps I should start hitting them up for referral fees though...

    It was decent - not outstanding. Got a very nice bloke called Rees, who did everying you could ask. He was the one who suggested the handmade wheels, and recommended I got a fairly solid crankset, becuase I'm a fairly solid bloke. Wasn't really that helpful when it came to other choices, though - I'd have liked a bit more guidance about what the pay-off for, say, upgrading the groupset would be, but he seemed reluctant to go out on a limb. Perhaps he was wary of seeming like he was giving me the hard sell - he def wasn't pushy, which is good - but having only bought off-the-peg bikes before I'd have liked a bit more of a steer.

    There wasn't a lot to the fitting - he got the saddle height sorted, adjusted the reach (I've got a 110mm stem instead of the standard 100mm on), and that was about it. To be fair, that's partly because the 58cm frame was pretty much spot on - he didn't have to do anything more than that.

    So yeah, it was good, but I wasn't blown away. It was pretty much what was needed, instead of going above and beyond, if that makes sense?
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