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    johnlenham wrote:
    Cheaper is good :p
    Been scouting ebay but its kind of hard from work as alot of stuff is blocked and for something that is so simple they sure cost a bomb! 500+ brand new!
    I wouldnt mid putting one together myself, I mean I can build wheels and ive built my bmx from scratch maybe 30-40 times, rebuilt hubs and so on so it cant eb any harder than that surely?

    If you can build a BMX you can build a FG/SS bike. Just pick up a cheap old (ideally steel framed) bike with horizontal dropouts, you can get a pair of track wheels for about 100 these days. Best place to snag older bikes for cheap is car boot sales, people on Ebay are getting wise to the fact that there is money to be made in old bikes/frames.

    Do it.
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