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    This is my first post in this thread - but I have been lurking for quite a while!

    I recently bought myself a MTB after never really cycling for about 15 years (My dad is a super keen cyclist and we always used to be out and about on bikes when I was growing up), I can't believe it has taken me this long to realise how much fun it is. :D

    I think I can work out most of the newb questions for myself (or just google them) but there are still a few things that I am unsure about.

    I'm slowly building up the length of my rides, from a 5 mile loop round my house in huddersfield, to longer 30 / 40 mile adventures on bridalways etc which is great. But I am starting to wonder if it is safe to be riding deeper and deeper into the peak-district on my own? I have been lucky so far, but I'm guessing that if I fall of my bike in the middle of nowhere while on my own I really would be stuffed?

    Is it a good idea to be cycling across open country on your own? Or do I need to find some cycling buddies?

    I don't want to let my naive exuberance get the better of me - I have already had an un planned 9 mile walk after going out without a pump. D'oh!

    Oh, and will getting clipless pedals (considering that I am a MTB newb) turn me into a hill climbing machine? Or just make me fall over every time I stop?
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