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    Shit. I'm not riding with another Fratello owner. It's like when you've got a new girlfriend. You want to think that you're the only one. You don't want to think about all the other blokes who've ridden her... :)

    Need to get a few miles under my belt. 50 today, hitting pretty much every hill within reach of Cambridge, and keeping a decent average speed up. Still had enough left in the tank to really push it for the last five miles. So if I can do that, I can definitely do the 150 miles to Ipswich, via Dulwich. Without any sleep. In the dark. (Um...)

    Could do without this weather, though. Left the house and it was beautiful and sunny. Short sleeved jersey. Couple of hours later, in the bitterly cold wind and pissing rain, I was having less fun.
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