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    Mike P wrote:
    Ha! No offence taken :) I ride a Kona Jake, and I hardly ever see them around. I turned up for the Dun Run to see two other guys on identical bikes. Typical!

    I've bought myself a light for it, a Hope Vision One. I'll use it through next winter too. It appealed as it takes 4 rechargeable AA batteries, so no need for a bulky pack strapped to the frame.

    The MTB boys reckon it's not bright enough for off-road, but roadies seem to like them.

    I've bought myself a Cateye EL320. Not in the same league as the Vision 1, I think, but it's only 27 at Wiggle. I'd struggle to justify much more than that on a light when normally, my nighttime cycling is on lit streets. It should be a step-up from my bog standard commuter lights for the DD, though.

    Might gaffer tape one of my existing lights to my helmet. Makeshift helmet torch.

    Other news: got a phonecall from my workmate. The bike I sold him has been nicked from the racks outside the office and he wanted the serial number. Gutted. I liked walking past it. We had a lot of good times together. It was my first decent bike once I'd started cycling again. Was attached enough to mean that I was really reluctant to sell it.

    Obviously he's more gutted that I am. He loved the bike as much as I did. But screw him. It's all about me.

    Shows how careful you've got to be, though. The rack is on a side street, but it's in plain view, always has people walking past, and loads of smokers from the office hang around just down the street. Bike thieves are twats. I came home and hugged the Condor.
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