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    Mike P wrote:
    There's no point speeding along, as all that'll happen is you'll get to the beach in the dark, so a leisurely pace is a good thing. Most people have a good long break at the mid-way feeding station too. It's really two 55 mile rides with dinner in the middle.

    ...or, if you're too disorganised to organise transport back, two 55 mile rides, then another 30 miler...

    I've been wondering what most people's idea of "leisurely" is. When I did London - Cambs a couple of months ago, we had a moving average of about 14mph. (Brother was on a single speed, so we had a handy pacer to stop us from being tempted to race onwards.)

    I'm sure that'd put me firmly in the 'leisurely' category. Would it put me at the 'painfully slow' end of leisurely, though? I've got one friend who's riding it, but he's a much stronger rider than me, and he'll be riding with the LFGSS crew. Debating whether it's even worth me meeting up, or whether it'll just tempt me to go too fast too early.
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