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    I use a Tricross Sport 2011 for commuting around 20-30km per day, and it's great TBH, but for a 900 budget there are some other options I would consider:

    - Specialized Sirrus: more like a road bike with flat bars. These are quite nice IMO and I would go for one of these now as I am pretty happy with flat bars but more road bike setup (it's all flat in the Netherlands mostly, so a triple isn't needed at all).

    - Cannondale Tesoro: this is a pretty nice touring/commuting bike, but instead of being like a roadie with flatbars, it's like a commuter that is also good as a tourer.

    - Cannondale CX Speed: like the Sirrus.

    That said, I do like the Tricross, it's plenty fast and light now that I am on it every day, I remember why I bought it originally. Specialized used to make a Crossroads which was also great as a commuter hybrid.

    When picking a bike consider your speed and power IMO. For example, a 11-32 cassette in my mind is better if you have some big rings up front like 46 or 50, assuming the commute is flat, you will get some very nice speed; but on the other hand, some folk prefer narrower cassette ranges and triples, etc., etc., . That can be really personal preference depending on your riding style (e.g., cadence and what your legs are comfortable with).

    You should go test riding difference cassette ranges and compact vs triple rings form the different brands and see what feels right. Frame geometry also makes a difference with your arms and hands and what feels a comfortable angle to cycle with. Drops are nice, but most of the time on a regular commute IMHO you never use the drops. Maybe flat bars with easier to reach brakes are better?

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