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    MikeP wrote:
    When it comes to doping allegations re Lance, this is well worth a read. This guy helped develop the tests for EPO. It's long, but very good. It's got some of the most compelling evidence I've seen that Armstrong doped.


    Also, remember that many cyclists (and other athletes) who never tested positive in competition were subsequently caught. Marion Jones & David Millar are but two examples.

    And for people who think this doesn't matter because everyone was at it, there were lower-rung professionals using this stuff without top end medical support who dropped dead as a result. There's a lot of people who suffered because of the behaviour of Armstrong and others.
    In fairness it's not (yet) been proven by physical evidence about Armstrong and it's really the fault of those that took the substances rather than anyone else. It may be the reason for them doing it but there has to be some personal accountability. Otherwise by that logic those higher up the cycling food chain doping would then blame others and the blame game would continue.

    Interesting article, although it kinda makes a mockery of the whole testing process, if despite all the tests they did they have no physical presentable evidence that could confirm it.

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