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    I read his autobiography and have done a bit off googling and must be missing something, cos the drugs-testing-evidence against him looks to be pretty close to 0, despite literally hundreds of tests. Seriously I have to be missing something?
    You're missing the main point that most of the stuff he was supposedly using, i.e. EPO and blood transfusions, weren't detectable until around 2005, and even then the tests were rubbish. His first TDF win was in 1999 and in the 90's, pretty much the whole peleton was using EPO.

    They are now saying he was warned before alot of planned raids by the french police, so he could do what he had to do to avoid detection, i.e. dilute blood.

    Landis said that he had a motorbike in his garage so as soon as he was tipped off that the authorities were on their way, he could ride off and not be recognised. He said it was the only reason he had a bike.

    This is a long read but good. Paul Kimmage is an ex rider turned journalist who has been accusing Armstrong of cheating for years. It's well known that both Kimmage and Greg Lamond have had their differences with Armstrong over the years and this interview with Floyd Landis shows just what a massive cheat Armstrong is. I was a massive LA fan when I got into the sport (endurance cycling, Sportives etc) and read all the books. I very quickly realised LA was a huge doper and a bully.

    That's a bit more like it, thanks for passing on.
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