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    Psychotext wrote:
    Just finished reading the frame building blog. I could have sworn I'd read a review of each of the courses available in on of my mags but I can't seem to find it... was going to link it to see if your opinion lined up. Oh well.

    Are you planning on trying another one? Maybe honing your skills? Seems like you might be leaving some things unresolved (mentally if nothing else).

    Edit - Did you list this one in your frame building course list?

    I'm going to finish up this frame and definitely build more. I've spoken to a few people who felt a similar way to me, that the time is a bit rushed.

    There were a few unresolved things; I think the courses need to be very clear about what you can expect out of them. That's probably why I didn't feel as happy as I expected, there's a mismatch between what you think you'll get and what you do get.

    Still, I've learnt a load of news skills, and most importantly I feel confident I could make a safe, good-riding frame on my own now, which fundamentally is what I wanted to do.

    I wish I'd known about Swallow bikes; initial impression are they are more in line with what I expected.

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