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    After my run around city bike was stolen last July, I've been bike-less throughout the fall and winter months. My parent's brought me a spare bike they had in the shed but it was thrown together from various parts of other bikes and a horrible ride.

    I went to sports discount the other day and saw a fairly cheap city bike, so went to pick that up last weekend. On Sunday I went into town and then on to volleyball. I checked my time going home to get an idea of how long it'd take me to bike the distance.
    15 minutes with very casual riding.

    I went from home to volleyball last night and it appears I completely overlooked I was going slightly downhill for about 50% of the way last week as I was going home.

    PFFF! What a slog. It's nearly flat around here but those hardly noticeable 1-2% inclines suddenly become very noticeable when you're on a bike. So I now know for future reference. Going = 20 minutes with lots of effort, coming home - 15 effortless minutes. :-)
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