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    ah ok, if it's been a few months it might now be damaged and beyond hope. I had a HIS ATi card that had an issue with the cooling solution they used that caused the mem chips to over heat and become damaged. So had to RMA it for a new one as the chips where buggered.

    edit: and that card should be easy enough to strip down. just take out all the screws and that top bit'll fall right off. Clean up the top of the chip(s) underneath and the bottom of that fan mounting, apply some new TIM and screw it back together.

    Looks like it will only have a heatsink for the GPU. mem chips are probably being not cooled directly but from air venting out of the fan. Could pick up some cheap sinks from somewhere and slap them on the ram for a bit more cooling. Or are they underneath with a back plate over them?
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