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    Pirotic wrote:
    JetSetWilly wrote:
    This is interesting stuff. Has anyone on here ever made the transition from programming business applications, like what I do, into games programming?

    Depends, if your talking about simple enough 2D games then you don't really need to know anything other than a blit command on top of the knowledge you already have for coding applications.

    But if your talking about 3D games, then you have a fuck load of information to learn because you can really get your head around openGL or DirectX.

    first you need to learn about vectors and FVF's (flexible vector formats) which make up the basic storage type of 3D data, then you have to learn how it transforms from object space into world space using vector tranformation matrix's, then you need to learn all about culling and the difference between left-handed coordinate systems, and then rays, and then re-learn most of your A-level maths which you forgot because you figured it was fucking useless in the 'practical world'. It took me a fair amount of time to really get a good grasp of 3D on an already solid knowledge of 2D game programming. These days it's even harder, what with HLSL to learn as well :p

    It depends on what you want to do though. If you've no interest in being a graphics programmer in the games industry then background knowledge of this is useful but you don't need to be an expert. There's still plenty of non-graphics programming needed.
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