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    ProfessorLesser wrote:
    layleeloo wrote:

    Im quite insulted by your comment to be honest. I should not have to "convince" you otherwise - arnt people supposed to trust until proven otherwise. Despite my 200+ 100% feedback ebay rating of selling high value items from hundreds to thousands of pounds, I feel if that is your opinion then by all means - exclude me from the whole idea!!
    I think if you really thought about it, you'd find there's no need to be insulted, and that it's really quite obvious why I had to question you, so I'm not going to explain myself. I'll put it to the vote - it's a community event, so it's up to the community. If they trust you, I trust you.

    Since we're not sticking to PM.

    So what do we think, gang? In for layleeloo and Master_Miller?

    EDIT: And ToonMonkey? Sorry guys, I just don't know who you are.

    Like I said previously - if you have to "prove" yourself worthy rather than people simpley being open and nice and trusting people then i'd rather not take part.

    Would you never trade with anyone one ebay with a zero score? Yes, course you would - cos everyone had a zero rating once - its called trust.

    But like i say - dont bother putting it to a vote as i would rather not be part of something so untrusting and "cliquey".

    Kind regards
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