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    I've just done a search and nothing has turned up so I think it's time to start a new thread!

    I have no idea when it came out, but I've just downloaded it onto my k800i and it works like a dream! I've used previous versions of the browser before but, as always, the pages hardly ever displayed correctly.

    With this one you start with an overview of the page as you would with a desktop browser and then you can zoom in the certain parts of the page so you can actually read it! It's dead spanky though, have a do if you get the chance! (and have a good enough phone of course) It almost renders EuroGamer perfectly!

    Go to www.operamini.com on your phone to download it. It's taken some of the thunder out of the iPhone for me I can tell you! God I sound like a plant, I'm really impressed though.

    P.s. Yes I posted this from my phone, suprise suprise.
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