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    djronz wrote:
    beatleben wrote:
    Got my UK version of Assassins Creed PS3 this morning

    First thoughts...

    Before you can play the game installs something on the hard drive which takes a good 3-5 minutes.

    I can't see this bad framerate issue I have been reading online

    The tutorial is a pain though...

    Not played enough to comment about the gameplay.

    its not meant to be a problem until the later stages apparently, whats more important however is if the games actually any good, im still tempted by this but i was by lair! lol

    This game is not in the Lair league by any measure.

    Its not a bad game just does live up to the hype created by Jade & Co.

    I never bought into the hype.

    Not the best game, but not Lair!! I say give it a whirl, it's a game that you either like (my excuse is playing games in the 80's) or hate it as it does have all the depth promised by Ubi.

    To be honest nice to play a game which is not a shooter or racing game.

    Though Drake is next on my list!

    One thing I learned today Assassins can't swim! Well at least during the Crusades...
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