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    Best Graphics- Team Fortress 2. It actually looks just like the preview videos and screen shots! The art style is unique and the aids with the gameplay.
    Best Design- Metroid Prime 3. For getting the wii remote controls right and making satisfying puzzles.
    Best Engine- Call of Duty 4's engine. I don't remember there being any slowdown and it looks beautiful. A lot better optimized than Crytek's.
    Best Sound- Bioshock. Excellent 40s music, creepy voices, satisfying weapon sounds.
    Best Story- The Darkness. First Xbox game where I've cared about the characters.
    Best New Franchise- Portal. A unique experience. I hope they make more games like this.
    Best "HOLY SHIT" Moment/Setpiece- The "would you kindly" twist in bioshock. So meta. Made me believe that games can be art.
    Best Ending- The Darkness. Others might have found it disappointing, but I liked how it illustrated that you've become a monster corrupted by the Darkness.
    Dev Team of the Year- Valve. Three excellent titles in one year.
    Best Game- TF2. So well balanced and addictive.
    Most Overlooked Game- The Darkness. It's gotten it's props but I think it deserves more.
    Biggest Disappointment- Halo 3. The multiplayer isn't that fun after playing TF2, and the first two levels were frustrating AND boring.
    Worst Game- I don't know. I only buy well reviewed games.
    Most Overrated Game- Halo 3. Not worth 10/10.
    Worst Voiceacting- Hmm. Not Portal. I don't know.
    Worst Ending- Bioshock. It tarnished an otherwise emaculant game.
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