#6253563, By Poorandugly Review "scores" - would you look if give the option?

  • Poorandugly 11 Jun 2010 12:40:12 555 posts
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    Their reasoning behind the new scoring system seems pretty sound to me:

    We use a 5-star rating system, no halves. When you look at our review scores, pretend that you've just asked the author if playing the game is an experience you should have. Not "should I buy it" but "should I play it." The number translates to some variation of the following answers.

    5 Stars - Yes.
    4 Stars - If you like this type of game at all, you'll want to play it.
    3 Stars - Maybe, but only if you like this type of game and are able to forgive some problems.
    2 Stars - No, unless this is your favorite type of game and you're starved for more.
    1 Star - No.
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