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    CrispyXUK wrote:
    I've seen that on a few levels, can't work out what it is yet though.

    What? The little sack dude? I already hate him, don't think I can cope with him popping up again. :(

    Tonka wrote:
    AnotherMartin wrote:

    Can someone give me a hint? If it's something that I'm missing/haven't got to yet don't spoil it but If I'm wasting my time tell me and I'll move on.


    I'm only guessing here but I think each galaxy has three comet stars (or is it four) plus a bonus star.

    I wonder if there is any logic to the comets. They seem to appear and disappear at random.

    One as a new version of each star on that galaxy? Could be but I get the impression there's only one for each galaxy as that would make for a lack of levels from looking at the map if there's 120 stars again.

    I think for each of the normal galaxies you get the normal 3 or 4 stars that you see from the off, one comet star, one *spoiler* star (from something that happens later) and then one hidden star. You don't seem to the 100 gold coins stars any more.

    But then from the answers to Owen-B's questions maybe there's still something to come that I haven't got to?

    As it is at the mo I only have crowns on the boss levels and the ? block levels. Still less that 40 stars in at the moment, so a bit to go.

    My nephew was round last night and I had to stop him playing it. It's funny how different our playing styles are. Mine is to take my time, run around see which characters I can talk to etc and then get as many stars in each galaxy as i can before moving on. His is to just blitz through levels as quick as he can and as soon as a new galaxy can be unlocked he goes to it. I had to ask him to stop playing as even though he had less stars he was about to start unlocking levels I hadn't seen yet :(
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