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    My nephew was round last night and I had to stop him playing it. It's funny how different our playing styles are. Mine is to take my time, run around see which characters I can talk to etc and then get as many stars in each galaxy as i can before moving on. His is to just blitz through levels as quick as he can and as soon as a new galaxy can be unlocked he goes to it. I had to ask him to stop playing as even though he had less stars he was about to start unlocking levels I hadn't seen yet :(
    I can't sand people that play games like that. :/ ow are you supposed to get the full experience if you don't explore and complete eah area as much as you can before moving on?

    It's just not cricket. ;_;

    Bugs the hell out of me to. :(

    But I just let him get on with it as he seems to enjoy it. He's a bit of a Sonic player so i think he tends to play Mario a bit like that, just zooming through the levels.

    It's probably partially my fault as he was playing M64 before he could walk and so started his gaming before he learnt to read and just got into the habit of skipping any kind of dialogue/cut scene.

    Feel bad about it sometimes but he is pretty good at games. Watched him cream the sweet sweet galaxy last night in half the time and a lot less lives than I did. :(
    Part of that though was I'm a collect-o-maniac making sure I got every coin etc, he just jumped his way straight through.

    My proudest moment though was probably getting him into that Nintendo trade only bit of a show out the back of Earls Court a couple of years back (2003?) and a guy was demoing a new Sonic game coming up for the Cube. he handed the controller to my nephew and then started asking him 'erm, how did you do that?' :D
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