#244082, By RedWarrior Prince of Persia Finito, Benito (Possibly with spoilers)

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    WRT to people wondering if there's a way to tell how long fights are going to last...I think there is. Sort of!

    The 'save points' that appear at the end of a fight actually begin to fade into place after you slaughter the first of the goons. It gets progressively brighter the more you kill until the fight is over. So, if you want to get a rough idea how many sand beasties there are left to mince, you can sort of make a guess based on how bright the point is.

    If that makes sense. Er. And I didn't think the end was cheesy so much as slightly inconsistent in a nitpicky way (based on the last thing the Prince said to Farah and the way that was essential to progressing in the game and his narrative!).
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