#7892087, By samk Tim Burton to direct Alice In Wonderland. In 3D.

  • samk 24 Aug 2011 22:11:52 703 posts
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    Saw this on Blu-Ray tonight. What a train wreck. Total mess.

    The Mad Hatter breakdance at the end....oh dear God. I watched the movie with 3 other people, and all of us simultaneously burst out laughing at how ridiculous that was. I don't actually know how the movie ended, because we were too busy laughing for like 5 minutes.

    The song at the start of the credits summed up how utterly soulless the movie is. Alice in Wonderland...with some shitty pop song at the end. Dreadful.

    Back to Lovefilm it goes, with the lowest possible rating.
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