#2817168, By AnotherMartin Boot Camp problem - can I reinstall XP without losing my XP apps, games etc?

  • AnotherMartin 17 Nov 2007 23:45:17 6,229 posts
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    Like Db said, after you select XP (no idea how boot camp works but I guess you just get a boot menu with XP listed as one of the OS'?) press F8 to get up the list of XP load options and select 'safe mode'.

    This loads XP with a minimal amount of drivers etc, if you can get into safe mode try uninstalling all the ATi s/w, if that's what borked it, and then try restarting back into XP as you normally would. Then reinstall your ATi drivers.

    System restores worth a go depending on if you have it enabled and when your last restore point is. If it's totally broke you could try booting off of the XP CD and doing a repair/re installation over the top. Though non of those are as good as fixing the original problem or just biting the bullet and doing a clean install after backing up any data you need.
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