#2818444, By AnotherMartin Boot Camp problem - can I reinstall XP without losing my XP apps, games etc?

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    Owen-B wrote:
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    Owen-B wrote:
    in the process of trying to upgrade the Catalyst, the stupid Installer insisted that I uninstall Steam.

    Well it comes with some offer for a free 'game' which is actually just a trial version of some screen saver thing (earthsim?). I unselected the install of said freebie but it still insisted that I either 'repair' or 'uninstall' my existing install of steam. Naturally I selected 'repair' but midway through the totally unnecessary repair it crashed.

    When I tried Safe Mode the drivers it was telling me I had installed were the original ones. And yet they categorically aren't. Fuck knows what's going on. In the end I moved over the steam apps and the two other game folders via Parallels onto my Mac hard drive and uninstalled the whole boot camp partition.

    This just goes to show that XP is a load of fucking crap and proves once more why I'm a Mac person. Need to upgrade your Mac drivers? Actually, no, because it's all done for you. Bliss. :D

    no offence but you really have been using Macs too long, do they really hold your hand that much? learn to read.

    earthsim and the steam games offer are two totally different things and anyone who does default/non custom installs and doesn't read deserves what they get. ;-p
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