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    silentbob wrote:
    Phattso wrote:
    For Crysis, though, I think the gains you'll make in the GT will be lost with the lower cache and system buss frequency.
    Unless you overclock, yes. I don't think we're in disagreement here. :)

    Remember that overall L2 cache comes into play with multiple applications, I'm not sure how much even a wellcoded multithreaded game will always benefit.

    I'm sure this'll be answered soon enough with a glut of more Crysis based benchies.

    cache, as mentioned, is important full stop especially in games (basically anything that needs fast access to memory), is more important on the current C2Ds and the north bridge setup.

    You may be able to clock a 2160 to 6550 speeds but clock for clock the 6550 will win hands down in pretty much any bench mark you care to run. plus the 6550 will then clock higher.

    Here's one lot of gaming benchmarks done recently. (also read the write ups around the graphs).
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