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  • theheadcharge 12 Feb 2004 21:05:21 471 posts
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    Have got more into metroid now, not finding it quite so hard. But i dont think i've come across a proper boss in a while (last one was that big plant thing i think). However just as i start to get really into it the game just decides to throw shiteloads of space pirates at me (i just got the infra red vision) and its starting to piss me off how i cant just explore without suddenly being rocketed by those dicks. So much for 'its not a FPS'.

    It kind of reminds me of zelda because of the way i get new weapons or abilities which allow me to go back and explore places i couldnt get to before, and in fact i sometimes wish there was a third person view mode in it. A lot of the combat which revolves around running around dodging can piss me off because the view is so constricting and i'll keep running into walls and getting stuck on stuff. Saying that, the in helmet view is pretty cool.

    Also scanning stuff is getting a bit boring - the chozo lore and pirate logs just arent particularly interesting, certainly nowhere near as interesting as reading the logs in resi evil or deus ex. I find myself scanning stuff just in case its a key to open doors etc but when its info about pirates or anything i just skim over it.

    Bitch over. Still enjoying it a huge amount, just a bit dissappointed after some of the reviews i read.
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