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    LMG - RPD with red dot sight
    Perk 1: Frag x3 or Claymores
    Perk 2: Stopping power
    Perk 3: Martyrdom or Last stand

    Although the RPD takes along time to reload, i go for stopping power over slight of hand & make sure i'm well hidden while reloading, the magazine holds enough ammo to get you through most situations without needing to reload during a fire fight with multiple bogeys.

    I always use my red dot sight & very rarely fire from the hip (only when face to face with the enemy), & then only when i forget (in the heat of battle) to stab the muthas with my knife.

    Whats with people moaning about players choice of weapons/perks, do you think in real warfare the enemy gives a rat wot tatics they use, & i can't see our guys asking the taliban not to fire @ them because their guns dont meet the same standards as ours. I dont like snipers, sitting in the same spot waiting for the right shot, but i ain't gonna say they're all cheaters or have no skill cause they dont get involved in the fire fights. WAR AINT FAIR, deal with it.
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