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  • Ignatius_Cheese Moderator 21 Sep 2010 14:52:40 11,048 posts
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    Hey, so does Razz! What a co-inkydinky!
  • neilka 21 Sep 2010 14:59:18 21,118 posts
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    A Rohypnol slipped into a roll of Love Hearts. Perfect for the school gates, or try them yourself for a "Russian Roulette" style experience.
  • Deleted user 21 September 2010 15:14:58
    Used to be quite fond of Monkey Nuts. At least I think that's what they were called. Rock hard round balls of caramel covered in chocolate.
  • neilka 21 Sep 2010 15:18:30 21,118 posts
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  • DaM 21 Sep 2010 15:23:47 17,041 posts
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    swede wrote:
    Have you tried the Jelly Belly ones Trowel? Fecking amazing range of flavours. The only problem is that they are really hard to find, and when you do they cost a fortune. (about 3 or more for 100grams)

    You can order 1kg bags from their UK website though. Still expensive, but they are worth it for a treat.

    I had to help out some small boys in Sainsburys once. They had put about 20 Jelly Belly beans in a bag, and it was costing them 3 quid or something daft. I paid the difference for them.

    /awaits paedo jokes
  • caligari 21 Dec 2012 00:00:42 17,898 posts
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    Whatever happened to those really sticky/gloopy jelly sweets from the late 80s/early 90s?

    They were in little see-through plastic packages - with the sweet usually stuck to the section that you'd have to peel off.

    I'm pretty sure that they were usually in the form of monsters/snakes/dragons (wasn't everything in those days?).

    I'd absolutely LOVE to try them again, but I'm guessing that they were outlawed for being too gosh-darn delicious.
  • elstoof 21 Dec 2012 19:37:47 19,640 posts
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    The ones that were in a sort of plastic mould, the sweet inside was two colours like blue/yellow or red/green, a plastic film that they were usually stuck to?

    No idea what happened to them, wonder if they're findable on sites like .
  • GuiltySpark 21 Dec 2012 19:45:54 6,757 posts
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    I remember what you mean. At least I'm fairly sure I do, it would have been late 90s for me though.
  • EMarkM 21 Dec 2012 22:34:25 4,460 posts
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    I had some Biker Mice From Mars ones of those soft, sticky thingies. That would have been early nineties I guess.

    Bought some proper aniseed balls today at Trentham Gardens.
  • spamdangled 21 Dec 2012 23:02:17 31,361 posts
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    It's all about the Mega Sours, you pussies.
  • Fobocop 22 Dec 2012 16:43:41 113 posts
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    Salisbury's Fizzy Fangs are awesome.
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