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  • Cadence 12 Oct 2011 19:11:06 2,137 posts
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    DaM wrote:
    Fozzie_bear wrote:
    I'm over the moon when I see that City Link are delivering my Amazon stuff. Home Delivery Network: now THEY are a sack of shit.

    Our local HDN (or are they Yodel now?) are actually OK - drivers deliver at tea time, so there's always someone in (or hide it round the back).

    The one that covers my work could do with a good wash, but she's very friendly :)

    I can confirm that actually Yodel are also a complete shower of cunts. I was stood outside my flat today when the status page on their website updated to say the driver had been unable to deliver my new PC and had left a card. Lying bastards. My Japanese wife really can't understand why the service is so bad in this country, but yet we all whinge and moan until we're blue in the face. Anyone care to explain?
  • RyanDS 12 Oct 2011 19:13:01 11,777 posts
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    jablonski wrote:
    Why does Amazon Prime exist?

    There is no guarantee you will get stuff next day, so why do they offer it?

    It generally goes out on time from Amazon, but HDN/Yodel etc sit on it for an extra day in 75% of my deliveries.

    I did a months trial of Amazon Prime. Ordered 5 items, only 3 of them arrived next day. The other 2 took 2 and 3 days respectively.

    I cancelled that service pretty quickly.
  • Deleted user 12 October 2011 19:19:59
    Delivery services are so bad because everyone wants amazingly efficient, fast delivery, to suit them, with free redelivery or the option to specify an alternative, for free or very little.

    Take Amazon Prime. Anyone who thinks that 49 a year would actually begin to cover the cost of true next day delivery by a decent delivery company is kidding themselves.

    Originally internet sites were trading have less staff versus sales for subsidising delivery, but with less sales, rising costs on everything..... something has to give and as we are seeing, thats quality of delivery services.
  • jonsaan 12 Oct 2011 19:25:11 26,774 posts
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    I'd be far happier with stuff being delivered to a local collection point meeself. As long as it as local. Very local.
  • Deleted user 12 October 2011 20:21:00
    Post deleted
  • Deleted user 12 October 2011 20:21:00
    I'd rather City Link licked my arse than deliver for me.
  • PazJohnMitch 12 Oct 2011 22:38:39 13,434 posts
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    DaM wrote:
    The one that covers my work could do with a good wash, but she's very friendly :)

    Dirty and friendly? She sounds amazing.
  • DaM 13 Oct 2011 07:11:59 17,060 posts
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    A lot of our delivery drivers are grey in colour...maybe they just don't have time to shower...
  • dnbuk 7 Mar 2013 01:27:31 5,010 posts
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    Ordered a tv last night from somewhere that said they use Parcelforce and then I get a dispatch e mail saying it's been sent using City Link. I wouldn't have even bothered with them if I knew that.

    Fingers crossed it doesn't turn up in a million pieces.
  • smoothpete 24 May 2013 06:47:21 34,629 posts
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    Registered 14 years ago
    My subwoofer was "delivered" on Wednesday, except I wasn't at home as they only gave me 12 hours notice and I could not work from home. Got a card through the door saying it had been left with a neighbour several doors away. Ok fair enough. Went to go pick it up from them yesterday, neighbour knows nothing about it. WTF. now I have to go play "search the parcel" and knock on everyone's doors till I find it. How hard is it to write the correct house number down for fucks sake.
  • Dougs 24 May 2013 06:49:29 85,241 posts
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    Ah yes, I had a 6ft roof box left with a neighbour. An 85 year old neighbour, who then tried to help my wife get it across to ours. Fucking idiots.
  • smoothpete 24 May 2013 06:55:52 34,629 posts
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    Registered 14 years ago
    I'm wondering if I could complain to the vendor and say it's lost, get them to send another... Too cheeky, even for me.
  • MightyMetalMonkey 24 May 2013 09:11:28 600 posts
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    It's not too cheeky.
    Keep doing it until it becomes too expensive for them to use HDN / Yodel.

    Suggest that they use DPD instead (Who have impressed me by delivering when they say they will).
  • localnotail 8 Nov 2013 17:53:54 23,072 posts
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    Registered 9 years ago
    Bought a kitchen table on ebay from someone in Manchester. Talked him into letting me arrange a courier, and he kindly worked from home yesterday so he could be there for the collection. Except City Link never showed. No communication from them whatsoever, or Interparcel, who I'd arranged it with. Very angry vendor.

    Got Interparcel to rearrange collection for today. Talked the vendor into leaving work to be home for 3 for pickup... which hasn't happened. Again.

    Talked to Interparcel again. Got the City Link ref, messaged City Link. They apologised a lot, said they would look into it and call me. They haven't called me. There are 7 minutes left on the pickup window.

    Vendor is very very cross. As am I. Never again. I will have to drive up tomorrow and pick it up myself.

    Fucking incompetent wankers.
  • President_Weasel 8 Nov 2013 18:42:47 12,349 posts
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    Registered 14 years ago
    I am still pissed off with Shitty Link from about 5 years ago, when they repeatedly claimed they tried to deliver my item, while I was in the house waiting for them, and never even bothered to put a card though the door. Then the cunts fobbed me off when I phoned to complain.

    They've got one job, and that's delivering things. They should be able to do it.

    I had a similar experience with DPD the other day, except when I emailed their "make it right" department they made it right - the courier showed up within the hour and gave me my parcel.
    I'd rather have got the parcel in the one-hour time slot they texted me, and that I stayed awake for on my day off after the text woke me, when I'd have preferred a lie in, but I have to say I was impressed and pleased with them overall.

    City Link can get fucked though.
  • X201 25 Dec 2014 18:08:03 18,458 posts
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    In administration

    Crappy timing

    Edited by X201 at 18:11:17 25-12-2014
  • Syrette 25 Dec 2014 18:10:14 49,792 posts
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    Christmas ruined for a lot of people :/
  • Rodpad 25 Dec 2014 22:30:56 2,964 posts
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    Registered 8 years ago
    I can't remember the last time a package arrived via City Link, let alone seeing an option for it on any online shopping website. Seems to me their poor customer service reputation has caught up to them on the client side of things.

    Edited by Rodpad at 22:31:31 25-12-2014
  • Deleted user 25 December 2014 22:35:56
    I haven't had anything via City Link for ages, even from companies that used to use them. So I think you're right.
  • Oh-Bollox 25 Dec 2014 22:42:16 6,514 posts
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    City Link were fucking awful, and have been for years.
  • N9th 26 Dec 2014 00:14:26 289 posts
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    Registered 3 years ago
    Bad news for the staff but the company was obviously ran by some pretty incompetent management.
  • Load_2.0 26 Dec 2014 00:24:35 26,404 posts
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    Registered 15 years ago
    More business for Yodel.
  • M83J01P97 26 Dec 2014 00:28:12 7,552 posts
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    Registered 11 years ago
    And Yodel are becoming just as bad.
  • President_Weasel 26 Dec 2014 16:04:52 12,349 posts
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    I was looking for this very thread, and here it is. They were shit, I made an effort not to buy from retailers who used them, but to be fair I am a bit of a grudge-bearing wee shite and I didn't have any recent particularly terrible experiences with them.
    A damn shame for the over 2000 staff who suddenly don't have jobs. Christmas (day? eve? depends who you ask) is a particularly horrible time to make the announcement too.

    They can talk about "a difficult marketplace" and "changing delivery preferences" all they like, but the fact that this is one of two threads on here singling them out for being shit is probably something of a clue as to why they went under. When your one job is delivering parcels, it does behove your management to get the whole delivering-of-parcels thing right. (I believe the other thread says they "couldn't get laid in a monkey brothel with a bunch of bananas", which does lead me to wonder why someone would want to get laid in a monkey brothel).
  • senso-ji 26 Dec 2014 16:21:39 8,283 posts
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    Registered 10 years ago
    Not that it makes the news any easier for the drivers but don't City Link employ sub-contractors, and very few permanent staff? Hopefully those sub-contractors can take their business to the other logistics companies, but the issue of recouping unpaid invoices is going to be tough.
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