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  • AspLeaf 1 May 2008 09:31:48 61 posts
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    I have desperately tried to get my hands on Nyko“s "Perfect Shot"-gun for the Wii. Does anybody know if there is an onlinestore in Europe that sells them or in USA that ships to Europe (Amazon.com doesn“t)?

    Help appreciated!
  • Trowel 15 May 2008 21:54:41 21,959 posts
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    After a couple of weeks of umming and ahhing and unsuccessful searching I've bought a couple off eBay, albeit with a markup to £15 and some hefty postage - total was almost £42 for the pair :/ Got Ghost Squad for £17 from Woolies though, so I guess I can justify it :)

    The seller has recent feedback from selling them, so he does at least have it in stock unlike everywhere else in the UK. Bring it on!!
  • Trowel 15 May 2008 22:10:18 21,959 posts
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    Target: Terror?! Uhh, perhaps not. I bought it pretty much 99% for Ghost Squad, but Umbrella Chronicles looks alright (might be interesting to play RE:4 with it given you can still use the nunchuck) and I'm assuming there's going to be a Point Blank some time soon given there's a DS version close.
  • Trowel 27 Jun 2008 22:54:09 21,959 posts
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    Well the UK bloke on eBay turned out to be full of shit, withdrawing his auctions a fortnight after I bought a pair claiming he'd run out, yet didn't bother telling me or offering a refund till I asked. Luckily the weak dollar came good, and a pair arrived today only a week after ordering from Illinois \o/

    Had a quick run through Ghost Squad, much more intuitive than the zapper as you'd expect - certainly got a few more Good Shots etc than often. Got a little uncomfortable especially around the webbing between thumb and finger and most of all against the little finger (the grips have a slightly flared out base to keep your hand on, but I guess my hands are a little too large).

    I think the main thing is that the guns look great, people ask what they're for - and away we go with Ghost Squad!!
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