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  • Onny 2 Jun 2009 06:06:19 5,695 posts
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    There is a third secret project, they mention it sometimes in the weekly updates.
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  • oceanmotion 10 Jan 2013 17:29:59 17,318 posts
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    Bungie.net is updated.

    Even a beta is better than Halo Waypoint :p


    You can log on to Bungie.net with four online services now. In addition to the Microsoft account that we’ve been supporting for years, Facebook, Google, and the Playstation Network have now been added. If you want to stop using your Microsoft account to access this site, visit your settings page and choose a different path. Once you have one login linked to your account, you can remove the ones you don’t want to keep.
    Gone for tags. Will have to see how that goes. Might be handy and overboard at the same time.

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