FS: Wii + 3 Games, DSL + 7 Games, 16GB iPod Touch, Rare GB Micro, Palm Tungsten T3

  • nonzero 12 Jul 2008 18:28:49 200 posts
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    Yup, I'm skint so I need to sell some of my barely used electronic goodies.

    Nintendo Wii (PAL), Wii Sports, Sonic & The Secret Rings, Mario Galaxy 205.00 delivered


    Wii Hee

    You game?

    Bad a bing box

    I bought this Wii a few months ago to play Mario and Sonic, in that time I've used it for about 4 hours total. Too busy working these days and I really don't have the energy to pick up a mote at the end of a days graft so it all looks brand new.

    Never been online, raced or rallied with one careful owner. Bought it from Zavvi and might still have the reciept for the lucky buyer that not only has time but money.

    Nintendo DS Lite, Pac N Roll (Jp), Mario Kart, Trauma Center, Kirby (Jp), Meteos (Jp), Tetris, Brain Training 110.00 delivered

    Flap shot

    Half breed

    All present and correct

    The DS is a UK one and about 8 months old but the packaging and charger are from my old Jap DSL so it has the small flipout PSU (will include a stepdown converter). Perfect nick once again with a good dpad and a non yellow touch screen.

    Games are all complete as listed and everything is as it should be for those moments of portable pleasure that you know you need.

    iPod Touch 16GB 200.00 delivered


    Smell the newness

    Here's a brand new never been used iPod Touch 16GB (still got the plastic on it) complete with a reciept from Marks and Spencer dated 30/03/08. I originally bought an 8GB model but then took it back for the 16GB which can now be yours for the princely sum of 200 beans, kna'mean?

    Palm Tungsten T3 Organizer, 1GB SD Card, Hard Case Cover, Various Software 45.00 delivered

    Extendable for your pleasure

    A little something for the weekend?

    Palm T3 organzier with built in Bluetooth and a 1GB SD card. This is in good working order in about B+ nick (couple of marks here and there on the body) with some handy software installed that allows you to use Microsoft Office documents on the go and loads of other bits and pieces that I can't remember.

    Comes complete with the manuals, charger, crades and CD-ROMs for Mac and PC. Box is a bit battered but it'll live.

    Solid Red/Red Gameboy Micro 65.00 delivered

    Seeing red?

    Not that I advocate red on red crime (or any other colour) but this GBM is murrrrrrddaaaa. Never released on these shores and harder to get hold of than a gnats chuff I present an immaculate Micro with all the bits and pieces in good nick. Be the envy of your friends and make yo mama proud.

    And that's the whack, get your hands in your pockets and profit from my excessive materialisim.
  • nonzero 15 Jul 2008 09:53:15 200 posts
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    From smell the newness to show me the money...

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