Annoying phrases that when uttered should kill the speaker Page 47

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  • MacReadysChessWizard 23 Apr 2021 16:06:27 147 posts
    Seen 7 hours ago
    Registered 5 months ago
    "Doesn't fit the narrative" just being used everywhere as yet another way of shutting down any kind of debate.

    In fact, any buzzwordy phrase that stifles a debate can fuck itself.
  • Rum_Monkey 23 Apr 2021 18:15:59 2,937 posts
    Seen 19 minutes ago
    Registered 1 year ago
    So stoked.

    Fuck off.
  • convercide 23 Apr 2021 21:02:41 6,469 posts
    Seen 2 hours ago
    Registered 15 years ago
    "I'm not sure how that adds value."


    "I really think I can add value to this."

    Are you a fucking pricetag or something?
  • dfunked09 23 Apr 2021 22:46:47 2,077 posts
    Seen 1 hour ago
    Registered 1 year ago
    Rum_Monkey wrote:
    So stoked.

    Fuck off.

    I'm quite fond of the second one... The first one can go get fucked.
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