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  • Deleted user 1 July 2013 21:26:33
    So, the backup and the format went OK, but it just wouldn't let you restore properly?

    Anything to do with DRM, as described in the manual?

    I've not done a backup/restore myself, so I'm interested. Seems straightforward in the manual...
  • kentmonkey 1 Jul 2013 21:40:45 22,508 posts
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    Nah, it was the same PS3. Just different HDD. So everything should have transferred over.

    There's loads of people with the same problem. Some saying Uncharted 2 data causes the issues, others all sorts of things.

    It didn't copy over any of the 'protected' saves, even though it should, and it didn't restore over any of the game installation or downloads, even though when I connected the HDD to my PC I could see that they were there (it had 'backed up' 32gb in lots of 3.99gb files, but it was clearly only trying to restore the first two files, one being 320mb the other being about 240mb).

    As I say though, loads of others have had the same issue and never resolved it. Sony's answer appears to be 'yeah, some things cause it to break. Shit happens'.
  • dominalien 2 Jul 2013 10:09:55 8,477 posts
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    One thing to do is delete all game data for games you have on disc, and everything downloaded you can live without for a bit, to be re-downloaded later. That'll minimise the amount of data, shortening the backup process and leaving less room for errors.

    Do you have Plus? It's a good way to backup locked saves. Remember, you can always move any videos, music, etc., as well as non-locked saves to a USB drive before you make the backup.

    I have personally done 5-6 backups without any problems, so I at least know it _can_ work properly. :-)
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