Queen of the Damned

  • Deleted user 3 November 2002 10:53:37
    No, not a topic about Graham Norton. *shudder*

    Potted review of Queen of the Damned available on vid.

    Interview with the Vampire was the first film adaption of an Anne Rice book, and turned out rather well I thought, despite the additional two minutes slapped on the end to salvage Tom Cruise's ego.

    Despite its commercial and artistic success Warner Brothers were slow in bringing The Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned to the big screen even though they owned the option.

    With time running out on the option and uncertainty of how another film might be received, Warner brothers decided to push ahead and spoil the ground for anyone else who might take up a fresh option.

    The end result is a hatchet job. The two stories were amalgamated in a way that rendered neither of them, or the characters within, recogniseable or faithfull to the original works, and resulted in a disjointed film that never made up its mind where it was going.

    Given the script the job of the director would never be easy. It shows badly and goes some way to explain why the acting performances, while credible, never achieved the brilliance a film based on these books deserves.
  • skalmanxl 3 Nov 2002 11:03:59 982 posts
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    Saw it yesterday as a part of a vampire-night with a mate of mine. Just plain awful, big holes in the script, shoddy focus throughout the movie, and a silly effects and bad acting. A really sad movie.
  • Deleted user 3 November 2002 11:24:54
    That's a fair assessment skalmanxl. I went a bit easy on the acting because the poor script and direction undermined whatever contribution the actors could've made. Actors need to know what to deliver and how to deliver it. Under the circumstances even the best actor throws out a humdrum performance. As you say, the special effects were gratuitous, and served to underline that this film seemed to be aimed at the undemanding "Buffy" generation.
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