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  • Salaman 17 Jun 2013 12:15:24 22,999 posts
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    Spanky wrote:
    Go to a super dentist. I had the same thing a year or so ago and had to brave my 10 year dog shit induced absence from the dentists* to go have it looked at. Couple of x-rays later and it was just a bit of a baby tooth that'd wandered, not the smoking induced cancerous bulb i was expecting.

    Oh and it didn't cost much at all and i went private and everything.

    *i'll tell that sorry tale layta
    Well it's been 5 years. Maybe now is a good time to hear this sorry tale then?

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  • caligari 17 Jun 2013 12:24:54 17,898 posts
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    What options are there after having the tooth removed?

    It's towards the back of my mouth, so unfortunately the gap will be useless when it comes to spitting tobacco.

    Will a bridge be possible - or perhaps a single-tooth 'dentures' set?

    Obviously the 'pimp' option would be a crystal implant - but I hear the NHS are cutting back on that option.
  • ILoveThrashMetal 3 Jul 2013 13:15:34 1,066 posts
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    Depends what tooth is missing, if its the 7 I wouldn't worry about it (we can quite happily manage on 5 to 5)
    All you will get on the nhs now is a denture 214.a bridge is 600-1200. But the best option is implants, you can hang off them but they are the most expensive at 2k to 2.5k.
    If it's right at the back I'd leave, your mouth will get used to it in a few days.
  • caligari 3 Jul 2013 18:55:15 17,898 posts
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    @ILoveThrashMetal - thanks for the advice, sir. I'm going back in tomorrow to arrange the extraction (antibiotics killed off the abscess last week).

    I'm kind of fascinated by the 'denture' idea - it would be great being able to pull it out to scare children (the denture you poivoit).

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  • monkehhh 3 Jul 2013 19:03:24 4,807 posts
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    They are quite cool and effective, but they are annoying as hell. For one tooth I wouldn't bother.. but if it's a front tooth it's nice to not have a gap!
  • boo 3 Jul 2013 19:43:26 13,426 posts
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    I had two implants done a few years ago after I lost a tooth next to an existing gap, which led to a large gap, and made eating difficult. Back in February of this year I had to have a rear molar removed, and I'm part way through the process of having an implant put in to replace it.

    It's not cheap, but it ought to last 30 years, and I work on the premise that it'll work out at fractions of a penny per use over that time.


    I've had about 5 root canal treatments done. Mostly private, as my NHS dentist says 'Well we could do it, and we'd do a pretty good job, but you'd be better of having a specialist doing it.'

    Takes between two and three hours in a single session assuming there are no complications, and the worst pain is the ache in your jaw the next day from having your mouth open for that long.
    One advantage of going private is that you get treated very well. They rubbed anaesthetic on my gums, so that the actual anaesthetic jab didn't hurt at all. They prop your jaw open with some contraption or other so that you don't have to, and they use some sort of plastic dental dam so that you're not constantly drowing in your own saliva.

    Again, not cheap, but when you're taking pain killers like sweets because of toothache, you'll pay anything to get it fixed.

    And if you get an abcess in the same place twice, go and see a dentist pronto. They can probably fix what needs fixing - leave it too long and you'll lose the tooth.
  • Deleted user 3 July 2013 20:37:49
    I've had 2 crowns in the last 18 months ith the last being my front left canine (2/3 of the tooth)

    Nhs jobby so 177 each time and all good. The worst bit is gripping the arms of the dentist chair as you see and then feel the needle going into the gum. Fucking hurts like hell despite the anasthetic stuf, cos u feel the needle sliding in.

    Once everything is numb though, root canal is fine.......untile they hit a bit which isn't fully numb and then its back to the arm gripping needle thing again.

    Following treatment there is just the traumatic memories to deal with.

  • ILoveThrashMetal 4 Jul 2013 18:47:59 1,066 posts
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    177 for a crown?
    NHS treatment comes in 3 bands.
    Band 1 18 exam/xrays
    Band 2 49 extractions, root canals, fillings
    Band 3 214 crowns, dentures

    As for going private for root canal, I'd say yes.
    49 to finish the treatment in 2x 15 minute appointments, your get a good job but not a great job.
    And finally a tip in case you don't know , if you go for an exam and your told you need say 5 fillings, if you have all your treatment done within 2 months you only have to pay one band 2 payment 49.thats all your exam and fillings and any xrays.
    There are some sneaky dentists who will charge you for the exam, book you in for a filling app in 2+ months, then another filling app a couple of months later. You have to pay three times then.
    Get em done while you can, because give it 5 years and I doubt you'll be able to have dental treatment on the nhs.
  • ILoveThrashMetal 4 Jul 2013 18:51:41 1,066 posts
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    And thank your lucky stars you don't have teeth like this bloke (warning don't eat while watching)
  • Deleted user 4 July 2013 21:35:28
    177 quid at my nhs dentist in south wales bruv
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