Anyone bought from recently?

  • YenRug 20 Mar 2009 11:15:16 4,540 posts
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    I know, at one time, that I could have bought from either VideoGamePlus or DVDBoxOffice and been reasonably safe in knowing that I wouldn't have to worry about customs catching hold of it, thanks to lack of pricing details on declarations and paperwork.

    Since DVDBO got greedy and started putting their prices through the roof, I've not been using them and not bothered with VGP as comparison, unfortunately the site I have been using for imports have started ramping their prices up, too.

    I've been looking to import Rune Factory: Frontier, VGP are pretty much the cheapest going, even with P&P now being an extra, but I don't know if they still leave off pricing details. Has anyone used them recently? Have you been caught with import duty/VAT, or do they avoid putting it on games?
  • dr_swin 20 Mar 2009 11:21:06 4,927 posts
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    I have not used them for a couple of years but never had any problem with them in the past.
  • DFawkes Friendliest Forumite, 2016 20 Mar 2009 11:22:52 31,945 posts
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    The one thing I bought from them had a declared value, but was set under the import duty threshold so didn't get any. Though the manual was obviously photocopied, so I won't use them again.
  • Deleted user 20 March 2009 11:26:07
    Play-Asia is the best choice.
  • YenRug 20 Mar 2009 11:29:16 4,540 posts
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    Was the declared value less than what you paid for it? I know DVDBO used to do that sometimes, rather than leaving it off.

    I've heard of the photcopy thing before, with some other Canadian sites, it's thanks to the whole dual language regulations in Canada; sometimes the cheapest stock they can find only has French language manuals and inserts, so they get hold of an english language copy and then make copies for what they send out.

    Anyone got any other alternative sites they'd recommend? I've been using MovieTyme, but their prices are all over the place and they're asking 34 for Rune Factory: Frontier.
  • Derblington 20 Mar 2009 11:29:33 30,765 posts
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    I bought the RB2 band in a box set 2 weeks ago. Marked as $25 toy.
  • YenRug 20 Mar 2009 11:34:17 4,540 posts
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    20charactersmax wrote:
    Play-Asia is the best choice.

    They're asking almost 39 for it, at the moment, compared to around 27+P&P at VGP.

    I bought the RB2 band in a box set 2 weeks ago. Marked as $25 toy.

    I think that's sold me on using them, if they can get away with marking something that size up as a $25 toy!
  • Aretak 20 Mar 2009 11:36:40 10,391 posts
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    VG+ are superb. You'll have no trouble with them.
  • Cappy 20 Mar 2009 11:44:35 13,801 posts
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    The advantage of VG+ at the moment is that you are buying in Canadian Dollars rather than US Dollars, the Pound has really suffered against the USD so lots of other places look pretty expensive now.

    I've always found VG+ to be brilliant. I've never had a Customs charge, my most recent purchases were pre-orders of Persona 4 and Valkyria Chronicles. Nothing so far this year, I've got Devil Summoner 2 on pre-order but that won't ship till May.
  • FabricatedLunatic 20 Mar 2009 11:51:23 13,159 posts
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    My last order was just before Christmas and it was business as usual. You could always email and ask if you concerned.
  • Deleted user 1 April 2009 05:06:31
    I haven't used Play-asia since 2007. Bought Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix from them, it finally arrived a month later with a big red customs label stuck on the package. That's put me off using them unfortunately.
    In contrast, whenever I have used VGP, the goods always arrive within a week and I've never been hit with customs duty. They always mark the goods as "$25 game/toy".
  • Kokapetl 4 Apr 2009 11:12:46 864 posts
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    I believe they're having a PS3 promotion where by they're lowering a recent release to $19.99 for one day only for the next twenty days. So far they've only had History Channel Civil War: Secret Mission and Ferrari Challenge.

    Their blog for details.

    /prays for MLB 09 The Show
  • angeltreats 4 Apr 2009 11:19:35 2,601 posts
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    The last thing I bought from VG+ was Chrono Trigger but I've used them quite a bit in the past. I've never been hit with customs duty (although I can't remember how they marked the packages) and they've always got here very quick.
  • absolutezero 4 Apr 2009 11:40:21 7,952 posts
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    I got PS3 RE5 L.E. and they marked it as $20 Toy.

    VGP+ are fantastic.
  • Oh-Bollox 4 Apr 2009 12:34:49 6,514 posts
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    Another vote for VG+. They're great. Only two shops I've needed to use in North America are them and CD Universe.
  • Deleted user 7 July 2012 13:14:01
    They still good? 3 years is more than enough to royally screw up.
  • uiruki 7 Jul 2012 13:27:00 4,517 posts
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    You mean apart from the whole "get hacked and leak everyone's details" thing?

    edit: Here's a link.

    Edited by uiruki at 13:41:10 07-07-2012
  • Derblington 7 Jul 2012 13:58:24 30,765 posts
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    They're still fine. I haven't used them in the last couple of months but i have used them since the hack. Still running the same service as far as I'm concerned.
  • StarchildHypocrethes 7 Jul 2012 14:54:57 31,355 posts
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    Used them twice recently. Had no issues and delivery took less than a week for both.
  • Deleted user 7 July 2012 15:31:11

    Shame about the hacking thing, I never knew about that, didn't get an email. Card associated with my old account is expired anyway, so no worry for me there.

    Be hypocritical for me not to give them the benefit of the doubt as far as beefing their security up goes, still on PSN after that huge episode before, but checking their previous newsletters, they don't seem to mention anything about it. A little disheartening for them not to at least make a public statement on their site apologising and putting customers' minds at ease saying that they're taking extra measures to secure their details. (unless they did on the homepage or I missed that particular newsletter)

    Cheers fellas.(and/or ladies)
  • DSR3 14 Jan 2013 20:19:29 274 posts
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    I am importing for the first time, I take it these guys are good enough?
  • oldschoolsoviet 14 Jan 2013 20:23:41 6,475 posts
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    Yep. Seems they've started an Amazon UK store too, so worth a gander to check prices.
  • santashi 14 Jan 2013 20:24:09 5,167 posts
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    @DSR3 Yep, very quick service. I've had games arrive in the UK 4 days after they sent them. They undervalue the packages, too, so no customs.

    What are you going for as your first imported game?
  • DSR3 14 Jan 2013 20:27:16 274 posts
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    Registered 8 years ago
    Thanks for your help!
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