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  • Deleted user 4 August 2012 15:22:31
    I can picture it now: plasma shells crashing down, bodies flying, the Wraith's hover energy streaking out behind it, the wailing and gnashing of teeth, all in slow motion.
  • Deleted user 14 August 2012 20:32:02
    Omg the play lists are all fucked up.  They've dropped a load of game modes, including Anniversary BTB :(
  • Deleted user 15 August 2012 09:42:27
    It'd be nice if they went whole-hog and made DLC mandatory. At least then I could play the better maps and avoid The Cage.
  • matrim83 18 Aug 2012 08:35:49 5,690 posts
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    It would be nice if all the DLC went free. And I say that as someone who has paid for all Noble, Defiant and bought Halo CEA.

    I seriously doubt anyone is gonna buy Reach DLC now with Halo 4 out in a few months and there being no DLC playlists as it is. Why not make it free? It would bring old players back and I wouldnt have to play Forge variants and Boneyard in BTB.
  • Deleted user 18 August 2012 08:48:17
    Good idea.

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  • Deleted user 18 August 2012 10:12:16
    What halo needs is server lists like bf3. I haven't played reach for ages as got sick of same crap maps again and again. People always voted for the same things all day zzz. Worst set of maps too. Halo 1, 2 and 3 far better maps.
  • Deleted user 18 August 2012 11:22:18
    I miss those days when the map packs went free after a certain amount of time.

    I guess with season passes being en vogue then at least more people may have the DLC in the future.

    In regards to server lists, Halo needs to have dedicated servers first. For Microsoft's flagship to still be PvP is pretty disgusting in my opinion.

  • evild_edd 4 Sep 2012 10:13:04 3,925 posts
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    As someone who doesn't have the Reach map packs, I'd love if they went free......just got back in to Reach after a long time away and already tiring of the older ones...

    On the plus side, I did get a rather special kill last night. On Sword Base, crackign shot with the grenade launcher. One enemy who'll think about t-bagging a corpse next time! ;0)

    If you go on to the Waypoint site you can check it out
    by evild edd on 03/09/12
    amazing shot grenade launcher sword base revenge and avenge


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  • Deleted user 4 September 2012 11:28:55
    Got to agree with you regarding the maps. So samey at times.

    Love the ones like powerhouse but the ones from the Cage (I think) zzzzzZ
  • DFawkes Friendliest Forumite, 2016 9 Sep 2012 19:36:00 31,945 posts
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    I have to share this, because it amused me and it's a quiet Sunday. In the "Why Did I Get Banned" forum, this genius at post 4701 stated his case.

    TempestXInferno wrote:
    I was recently banned from earning credits on Halo: Reach matchmaking. I play on a big TV, and my brother and I play most of the time.

    Often, i'll play alone, but the TV screen is far too big for me to play an effective game. I like to sign on a Guest player so that i'll have access to a smaller screen, and play an optimal game. I'm not sure how many times I did this, but after my last game I was told that my console was banned from earning credits.

    My intent was not to boost my rank and/or credits, but to play a game where I can get the kills I want instead of struggling over finding a position to sit/stand with the huge screen.
    So this guy has been going into lots of games with an AFK guest, just because he doesn't like using all of his TV screen. Every game he plays, he's purposefully putting his team at a disadvantage by having a stationary, useless suit of armour standing around.

    Sure, maybe he really isn't as good using a larger screen, but will he really be worse than being a man short? He does it just so he can score kills himself. I wonder why he got credit banned?

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  • Deleted user 11 September 2012 09:46:13
    Great story, haha.

    Sorry I didn't join in - was playing splitscreen with a chum, but then a pad broke so we just took it in turns, thought it'd be easier without dealing with you lot on top!
  • sanctusmortis 11 Sep 2012 10:47:02 9,914 posts
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    Y'know, since I got back into this (9 days now) I don't think I've actually played on any new map. Not one. I've played the Anniversary maps, yes - by playing in the dedicated list. But I've not actually set foot on Anchor 9, Tempest, Breakpoint, Condemned or Highlands once, because it's always a Forge-made map for BTB, Boardwalk, Reflection, Zealot, Countdown or Forge maps in Infection, and just the Anniversary maps in their list.

    So, I wandered into some odder TU lists, and what did I get? Spire.
  • Deleted user 11 September 2012 11:04:10
    Yeah, that is a real problem at the moment. No Anniversary Big Team either. They should either 1. Put dedicated playlists back in for the DLC so the people that bought said maps don't feel mightily ripped off or 2. Make the fuckers free so at least we can get the maps in normal rotation.

  • Deleted user 11 September 2012 11:37:00
    Yup, they have totally fucked it up.

    To get guaranteed DLC you have to play Anniversary Classic. Seriously?!

    Idiotic - there's always one person who doesn't have any DLC, so you're stuck on the originals. Sometimes no bad thing (i.e in smaller game types), but on BTB is boring as hell - Headlong is weeping in solitude.
  • oceanmotion 11 Sep 2012 12:59:20 17,320 posts
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    Yeah, I pretty much stopped playing when the DLC lists disappeared. Played some Anniversary which was fun but I want to play the other DLC maps too.

    Are user numbers ridiculously low or something that they have to go custom?

    Hate it when communities get fucked over. Makes me hate DLC even more. It's like a rental.

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  • Deleted user 11 September 2012 16:46:16
    Anniversary BTB was fairly popular, IIRC.

    The main issue is people not having DLC and there being no incentive to get it now/ever - fine if you don't want it, but why punish those who do get it?

    I want to play Tempest, not fucking HaemorrrhahahfdfgsfdagbsfdgsafdgDIE
  • Pumpatron 11 Sep 2012 19:55:30 489 posts
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    Yep, the map rotation is poop at the minute.

    There are some great big maps that I never get to play on - I love Breakneck and Highlands. But they never show up. All I seem to get in BTB is Spire, Hemorrhage or another fucking forge map.
  • Deleted user 11 September 2012 20:43:53
    So what can we do about it?

    I've decided I'm actually not going to bother with the LE of Halo 4 for the cheaper map packs if this is the shit they're going to pull. Halo 4 may be brilliant but it really doesn't excuse all the bullshit they've put Reach through.

    Leave the DLC playlists as they are, otherwise give me my fucking money back.
  • Dave_McCoy 11 Sep 2012 21:39:39 3,097 posts
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    Picked up Halo Anniversary today, mainly for the campaign but was hoping to get back in to the MP side. The above posts don't fill me with confidence though. Was looking forward to trying the new maps but I'm not that keen on straight up slayer.
  • sanctusmortis 18 Sep 2012 11:33:37 9,914 posts
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    Crikey, today's dailies are a bit of a step up from normal! That 10 dailies in the week might not be as easy as I thought...
  • sanctusmortis 23 Sep 2012 18:25:45 9,914 posts
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    I reckon I might be able to hit General before Halo 4, but beyond that I doubt I'll get far. Field Marshall max. Boy is it a steep incline from there!

    15 days at the max credit limit to get to Hero. Ouch. That's 3 weeks of credit farming...

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  • Deleted user 24 September 2012 08:26:06
    I will never make it past Noble.
  • jambii267 24 Sep 2012 09:02:33 1,415 posts
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    I will never make it past Nova.
  • Deleted user 24 September 2012 10:39:31
    I'm about half way to legend. I think that's a good enough way to leave things for Halo 4.

    Unless it turns out poo of course.
  • Deleted user 24 September 2012 12:14:08
    If Halo 4 turns out wank I think I'll go back to 3. I've been anticipating a more 2/3-style game and that is now what I want.
  • Ror 16 May 2014 12:03:43 17,447 posts
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    I fired this up and played the first couple of levels in bed last night. Though I've played through the campaign a few times, I hadn't touched it in a couple of years. I forgot how fucking great this game is.

    I also managed to get an achievement I could never manage before - Two Corpses in One Grave. Every time I tried to get it one of the bloody wraiths always moved out of the way.

    I thought everything felt a bit easy, and when I quit out I realised the game had defaulted to Normal. I'll have to bump that back up to Heroic when I get back to it. I wonder if that's how I managed the achievement - maybe the game bunches the wraiths together to make it easier?
  • Nades 17 May 2014 20:14:19 2,906 posts
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    It was good but the shooting mechanics were pretty poor. I hated bloom! Definitely better then H4 though.
  • altitude2k 18 May 2014 08:59:11 5,238 posts
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    It still bothers me how there's little verbal reaction to the fact that the Covenant have invaded.
  • Ror 18 May 2014 12:56:54 17,447 posts
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    Yes, I remembered our conversation about that when I reached that part :D I just tried looking for it on the CVG forums, but it seems they've rejigged it all.
  • H1ggyLTD 18 May 2014 13:02:01 9,183 posts
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    What was that craic?
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