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  • Spekingur 13 Oct 2010 14:50:14 483 posts
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    I just wish this was more WoW in interface - and in some respects, play. Would be more popular.
  • SilentTristero 13 Oct 2010 16:42:03 441 posts
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    Inventory management is perhaps the most mystifying omission of all, closely followed by a mail system. There is at least a scrap of sense surrounding the Retainer system, with the notions of a fully free and socially-dependant economy - but it does need improvements.

    Edit: I dropped a review in a similar format to my earlier post, on a blog.
  • Grump 14 Oct 2010 07:52:28 1,201 posts
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    There's no way you guys can hate this game as much as this guy: Most awesome ragequit ever
  • Deleted user 14 October 2010 20:12:31
    That's a hell of a rage-quit. Still his $26 million will probably cheer him up one way or another.
  • Deleted user 14 October 2010 20:15:15
    That's hilarious.
  • Lawrens 15 Oct 2010 15:55:14 398 posts
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    Seems like I will be subscribing for another month, because:
    30 days trial extension

    SE is extending the trial period for another 30 days, they also updated discussing the issues of the game (finally), and what patches are coming in Nov and Dec:

    Message from director

    Too bad the update won't come until late November, but at least i don't have to pay for the month of october, however, I don't know if they will update before the next trial month ends.
  • SilentTristero 15 Oct 2010 16:09:06 441 posts
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    My guess is that the November patch will drop on the 26th, following their pattern of maintenance on Fridays.

    That leaves it just outside of the extended trial for most; mine actually expires the day before. Unfortunate, but it's better than the other option of being undecided and paying for November.

    Edit: I still fully expect fixes and tweaks leading up to the November patch, of course...
  • silentbob 17 Oct 2010 16:42:27 29,502 posts
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    Well, looks like serious improvements are on the way - the below might actually drag the game up to pre-beta quality ;)

    User Interface
    Q. Exactly what type of adjustments or additions to the user interface are being planned?
    A. Since the game's official release, the development team has continued their efforts in designing various new features, as well as retooling and improving existing ones. Currently, we are focusing on addressing the issues about which players have been most vocal, and are pleased to announce several key changes set to be implemented as soon as next month. The following is a partial list of what we have planned:

    –Inventory Sort Feature
    The late-November version update will include the addition of a feature that will allow players to sort their inventories.

    –Menu Navigation
    We are currently working on methods to make navigating the game's menus simpler and more efficient. In the forthcoming version update, we will focus on improving the Actions & Traits menu, starting by automating the selection of main/off hand.

    In addition to the aforementioned improvements, the following adjustments are also planned:

    Players will be able to scroll their maps via dragging the mouse
    A player's current coordinates will now be displayed on the main map
    A player's current coordinates will now be displayed on journal maps (as long as the player is in the same area)
    Players will be able to relay their current coordinates to others using the text command
    The area name will be added to journal maps
    A journal map feature will be added to the main map
    The log window will no longer be hidden when maps are displayed

    Log Window and Chat
    New tabs will be added to the log window
    Players will be able to open multiple log windows
    Controller functionality will be added to the log window
    Players will be able to use Ctrl+R to send instant replies to /tells
    Players will be able to change chat modes via menu options
    The Home and End keys will now function in the chat log
    For players typing multi-byte characters, starting a new message with "/" will automatically switch the typeset to single byte
    Players will be able to adjust the font color for various chat modes
    Adjustments will be made to the transparency of the log window when unfocused

    A Loot List icon will be added
    A Loot List option will be added to the System Menu
    The general layout of several menus will be adjusted
    Previously completed quests will now appear in players' journals

    Adjustments will be made to target priority when using the Tab key to cycle through nearby targets
    When targeting a party member, a target mark will now appear next to the target's name in the party member list
    Players will be able to target party members via the party member list

    Keyboard Settings
    Several new functions will be added to the keyboard, such as a key used for targeting NPCs
    Players will now be able to re-map all functions to any key (other than Esc)

    Looking beyond the late-November version update, the team is also working on introducing drag and drop functionality to the Equipment & Gear and Actions & Traits menus, map markers indicating the location of party members, a method to initiate message input in the chat log without having to press the space bar, and more.

    Markets and Retainers
    Q. Today's maintenance introduced several changes to the Markets. Are there further changes planned?
    A. The Markets have been a hot topic since the game's release, and today's maintenance was the first step in making this feature better suited to the needs of the players. With that step we saw the introduction of a one-click targeting system, making it easier to access a retainer's list of wares. We also saw a renaming of the wards combined with a reduced-tax system aimed to promote a more organized distribution of goods, therefore making it easier for players to find the items they seek.

    For our next step, we plan on introducing additional features to make navigating the Markets even easier. These include the implementation of a search feature that will not only help players locate items in a Market district, but then display an icon next to the retainers who have those items, reducing the hassle of having to look through the inventories of retainers who may not have what a player seeks.

    Return and Teleport Cost
    Q. Return and Teleport have made travel within Eorzea quick and easy, but it seems like I am always running out of anima. Are there any adjustments being planned?
    A. Yes. The first adjustment, which increased the speed at which anima regenerates, was implemented during a recent maintenance. The second adjustment, planned for the late-November version update, will see a significant reduction in the amount of anima required to teleport or return. To be specific, the cost for Returning will be reduced to 1, and halved for Teleportation to one of up to three "favorite" aetheryte destinations designated by the player.

    Battle Balance
    Q. What is the development team doing in the way of balancing battle?
    A. Without straying from our original stance to provide players with a feasible means to play solo, we are working on improvements to the battle system that will make party play just as rewarding. One of the reasons players have little motivation to form a party is because there are currently few battles that require contriving a detailed plan of attack. To rectify this, we are currently conducting adjustments to areas such as enmity distribution rates and Battle Regimen effects. We will also be introducing several powerful creatures that will be better suited for party-based battles.

    Monster Placement
    Q. Where are all the monsters?
    A. At the time of release, server load issues limited the number of enemies that could appear in areas where large amounts of PCs gathered, such as aetheryte camps situated near city-states. To alleviate this, we have increased the number of servers. This, combined with the fact that players are moving away from these areas and have begun to spread out over the world, will now allow us to increase the number of enemies roaming the realm.

    Q. What changes and additions are planned for guildleves?
    A. In the late-November update, we will be adding a new feature that allows players to adjust levequest difficulty after activating the guildleve. Furthermore, we will also be adding a feature that will allow players to abandon local levequests after accepting them.

    The mid-December version update will introduce many new guildleves; among them special faction leves that pit players against deadly notorious monsters.

    Q. What kind of changes are planned for synthesis?
    A. The late-November patch will see adjustments to the required ranks and difficulty levels of various existing recipes, ensuring that players will have a better chance to successfully create items when reaching the optimal skill level.

    For the mid-December update, we will be adding several new recipes, including ones for crafting new gear. In addition, we will be introducing a new feature that will allow players to select recipes from a list of recently crafted items and recipes learned through levequests, and set all of the appropriate ingredients with the touch of a single button, thus making repeated synthesis of a single item a snap!

    Server Load
    Q. The lag in some areas is lowering UI and battle response times, making it difficult to play. Why is this happening?
    A. Even if a World server is not crowded, a large number of players gathering in a single place would increase server load, adversely affecting gameplay. To alleviate this, we have pinpointed heavy-traffic areas and split up their processing duties over multiple servers, reducing the chances that a single server will become overloaded.

    If they can maintain that sort of progress for another 6 months, we might actually have ourselves a worthwhile game to play.
  • Hunam 17 Oct 2010 16:46:29 20,676 posts
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    The problem is, people only remember the game as it first launched. If this game is still around in a year with more than 100K users, I'd be amazed.
  • silentbob 17 Oct 2010 17:52:30 29,502 posts
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    Hunam wrote:
    The problem is, people only remember the game as it first launched. If this game is still around in a year with more than 100K users, I'd be amazed.
    Didn't stop FFXI.

    Squenix have two major things going for them:

    1) The loyalty of FF fans.
    2) It's vast financial resources.

    I wouldn't underestimate either.
  • Deleted user 17 October 2010 18:02:00
    Indeed, FFXI made them a lot of money. If this game can improve as much as the former did, then it will be very good indeed. Shame they rushed it out though.

    Sad to hear they are zoning off areas, one of the big draws for me was the big open zones. I guess if it helps performance then fair enough, but they should have tested it properly before making such claims. I won't play this until the UI is much faster, and they have added a proper search function. Why they didn't just import the one from FF11 is beyond me, it worked fine. That goes for a of things actually. Plus, this game needs an auction house. No two ways about it. This retainer stuff could be great along side an AH, but not on its own.
  • EmiliasHorse 19 Oct 2010 21:22:05 289 posts
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    I hoped to see some reviews of this game before release, the Beta comments suggested it was not too bad. I bought on release day and spent an age trying to get the sod to work on Windows 7 64bit but finally made it. Having little in the way of literature to guide me from the release box I thought I must be doing things wrong because I had sod all idea what was going on or where to go. I just read the PC Gamer review 30% and it pretty much sums up my experience, dreadful lag, dreadful interface, controls, lack of anything WoW had at launch let alone nearly 6 years in.

    Maybe WoW spoils me but FFXIV is not even worth 30%. First time in ages that I have bought a game and wished I had never bothered.
  • Spekingur 19 Oct 2010 21:44:31 483 posts
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    Hunam wrote:
    The problem is, people only remember the game as it first launched. If this game is still around in a year with more than 100K users, I'd be amazed.

    How many subs does AoC currently have? That's an example of a bad start.
  • EmiliasHorse 19 Oct 2010 22:01:47 289 posts
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    AoC was nowhere near as bad as FFXIV, at least it was playable so a future was possible.
  • SilentTristero 19 Oct 2010 22:17:46 441 posts
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    What an awful, awful review that is from PC Gamer. Some of the points made are completely wrong; they list the following as missing -

    "PvP, keyboard shortcuts, an auction house, a sensible group chat system, a fast travel system that doesn’t break your bank, a map that actually shows you where things are…"

    Yet there quite clearly are keyboard shortcuts, with an additional macro system; very obviously an instant teleport system that costs no money, and a map that shows destinations as clear as any I've ever seen. The chat system criticism is vague; there's nothing wrong with the one in place, I couldn't say whether or not it's sensible. PvP may not be present, but it's not the market they're aiming for, I guess.

    They also refer to the quest-givers as difficult to lcate, yet all quests are obtained in one single location in each of the 3 cities. A recent change to the way NPC's are loaded means that these are also always visible to you, whilst the masses of players may appear in a matter of seconds.

    Worst of all, they are perpetuating the nonsense 'rumour' that you can only gain XP for 8 hours. Not once does the review mention that, Oh, by the way, you can switch your class to any of the other 17 disciplines at any moment, and gain XP for that. Doing so even decreases that 8hr timer on your other class.

    As a review, I'd give that an even lower score than they rushed to award FFXIV.
  • Deleted user 19 October 2010 22:20:35
    PvP? They obviously don't have a clue if they moaned about that. Instant fail in my book if you assumed this was a pvp game in any capacity.
  • SilentTristero 19 Oct 2010 22:33:13 441 posts
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    Registered 9 years ago
    Ironically, the review probably does more to damage whatever semblance of a reputation PCGamer still has, than it does to Final Fantasy. With a gaggle of people commenting underneather the article to the tune of 'Yeah, fuck Final Fantasy!', they may as well save us all some time and write 'Final Fantasy is not typically associated with the PC, therefore it is shit.'
  • Pirotic Moderator 19 Oct 2010 22:45:32 20,640 posts
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    They keep sending me free copies of PCGamer for unknown reasons, at first I was all
    "Woot free magazine" - but then I read it, it's just terrible - congrats publisher, you've sent me something which put me off ever possibly buying your product.

    They put cover letters on them as well, the last one I recall seeing was

    "Hey, we thought you'd love to see these exclusive Bioshock Infinite pictures!" then they just had the pictures every website already posted months ago.
  • Red-Moose 19 Oct 2010 22:57:41 5,344 posts
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    Registered 15 years ago
    I am surprised PC Gamer is still being published. Who the heck buys these magazines?

    Where is the EG review? There was one for STO (I think), AoC?, Warhammer? LOTRO?

  • SilentTristero 19 Oct 2010 23:13:50 441 posts
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    Presumably, they're waiting a bit longer whilst someone actually plays the game and ranks up a bit? They will undoubtedly discover the common complaints that have come up ad naseum everywhere else, but may end up on a more hopeful note.

    There's a great game in here somewhere, probably, with the potential to be bigger than the other crop of MMO's - STO, AoC WAR...
  • Deleted user 19 October 2010 23:15:48
    It has great potential, shame they saw fit to release it in a bit of a state though. I can see it being amazing, but I can't see it happening for about another two years, if the pace they patched FFXI is anything to go by. To use a cliche, glacial.
  • SilentTristero 19 Oct 2010 23:24:37 441 posts
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    I don't see that being the case, with big changes lined up for November and December. We should continue to see improvements in early 2011, building up to the PS3 release in March.

    I hope. Summer/Autumn may even see some kind of formal expansion.
  • Deleted user 19 October 2010 23:26:34
    They might say big changes but I can't see it happening. I think the game will steadily increase over the coming year or two, to the point where I would buy it, but as it stands for me I can't see it being in shape for the PS3 launch. Kinda harsh how they are basically using the first 6 months of PC use as a paid for beta.
  • SilentTristero 19 Oct 2010 23:32:14 441 posts
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    Well if you read above, you'll see that they've actually detailed each change they plan to make, and the list is rather large. That's for 'Late November' and December - so those big changes we know are coming, they're unlikely to hold back on those after the big open letter from the producer.

    As for beyond, who knows.
  • Deleted user 19 October 2010 23:35:51
    Fair enough, I am just going off my experience with 11 where they were very slow. They have a rep for not listening to what the community tells them, but to be fair they seem a lot more receptive with this release (bad reviews probably more to do with it). It will remain to be seen what effect these changes would make too. I will probably try the game again when they get a proper expansion out, I think they obviously have it in mind from what I have read, so hopefully like you say it could be out this time next year. I really think it can be amazing, I am just not willing to pay for it as it is.
  • Spekingur 19 Oct 2010 23:42:02 483 posts
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    My biggest problem with the game was the cumbersome UI.
  • Deleted user 21 October 2010 21:25:49
    This analogy from the Kotaku review sums it up nicely for me:

    "There are chocobo in Final Fantasy XIV, but you cannot ride them. The whimsical, lemon-yellow, ostrich-like franchise mascots are installed at stables in the game's main cities, but players cannot interact with them. Square Enix hasn't determined how it's going to implement them in the game. I can see how Final Fantasy XIV could evolve into an amazing online experience. All of the elements are in place, but like the chocobo, Square Enix is still trying to figure out how to make them work. Many players may have the patience to wait and see how things pan out. I do not."
  • Hypercube 9 Nov 2010 13:24:54 976 posts
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    Anyone still playing this? I haven't been arsed to log in at all for weeks, and I'm going to cancel before they start charging me.

    Any news on the EG review? I'd be interested in reading it, but I'm wondering if SE have asked reviewers to hold off for even longer, maybe until the November patch is released.
  • Kafeen 9 Nov 2010 14:47:40 565 posts
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    I'm still playing but not very often since I don't have an awful lot of free time.
  • SilentTristero 12 Nov 2010 15:41:27 441 posts
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    I'm playing a little bit, mostly to chat to the guys in my Linkshell.

    This list was released yesterday, detailing the changes we can expect over the next few months. Hopefully, the first patch will hit next week.

    It's pretty comprehensive, bringing the title at least up to scratch with what it should have been in September, if not a bit higher.

    We can look forward to 'Companies' (Guilds) that are capable of building and owning their own property and ships, as well as Notorious Monsters, new gear, new leves, and of course, a redesigned UI.
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