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  • Deleted user 12 November 2010 15:47:42
    When you look at all that stuff, well it just amazes me. Most of that worked brilliantly in FF11, but they decided 'aw fuck it, lets take it all out for the next game'. Most of the UI changes sound good, but they should have been done before release. It all just smacks of 'lets get people paying for it we can fix it later', which seems to be the mode of operation for loads of games these days, no just mmo's.
  • Red-Moose 12 Nov 2010 15:53:15 5,344 posts
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    Yup I cancelled after a week. If they didn't get greedy and waited for a few months to finish it they would have a solid pc userbase. But I think they only really care for the ps3 release and pc was a beta test for it.
  • SilentTristero 13 Nov 2010 02:21:33 441 posts
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    Although, it didn't actually launch with Software mouse (Hardware Mouse was in the config, and was default ON for me), so...

    It'll be interesting to see what happens after the patch, since no-one will have paid a sub thus far with the additional 30 day 'trial' extension. Will it be good enough to drop a sub on come the end of November? Who knows.
  • Lawrens 16 Nov 2010 15:32:14 398 posts
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    Another 30 days trial extension, came right after I got their email saying trial is about to end and I should check the continuous subscription option.


    I think this is a good move from SE, if the december update is really coming on mid december, then I think people will get to try the game out with both patches.
  • SilentTristero 16 Nov 2010 16:16:36 441 posts
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    Problem solved; nothing to lose by checking out the updated version(s).

    Unless it's somehow even worse, then I will lose sanity. And the will to go on.
  • SilentTristero 17 Nov 2010 00:19:16 441 posts
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    I'd love to be in the 'Looking forward to Cataclysm' boat, but they really are not catering to my tastes - Goblins dressed as pimps in tricked-out cars? My beta experience did little to convince me to sub, unfortunately.

    Everything else is either dead, dying or too niche for me to get into. Alongside SW:TOR and GW2, it's time for SE to step it up (Granted they have a hell of a lot of stepping up to do).

    Until then, I'm honestly tempted to visit UO again, there's even a new mini-expansion.
  • SilentTristero 17 Nov 2010 17:45:17 441 posts
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    I did try, and subsequently vaguely enjoy the Worgen area, too! The 'Cataclysm' itself won't have any impact on me either, I'm not even remotely familiar with Azeroth as it stands (Although I have a copy of the Atlas; I could sit and compare!).

    I really wanted to get in on an MMO at the ground floor, basically. With FF, I still seem to be looking for a parking space on Basement Level 3, however.
  • Hypercube 13 Dec 2010 13:33:32 976 posts
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    Wow, I've got an email from SE telling me that they're postponing charging for the game until they consider it's in a state fit to play!

    Also, they've announced that they're probably going to delay the PS3 release, in order to get it done properly.

    We realize time is of the essence and are fully determined to provide our customers with quality service. It is because of this that we ask our customers to be patient until we are able to confidently present them with a concrete plan outlining FINAL FANTASY XIV's new direction. The free trial period will be extended until that time.

    Regarding the PlayStation 3, it is not our wish to release a simple conversion of the Windows version in its current state, but rather an update that includes all the improvements we have planned. For that reason, we have made the difficult decision to delay the release of the PlayStation 3 version beyond the originally announced date of March 2011.

    Sadly, still not enough to get me to start playing again.
  • SClaw 13 Dec 2010 13:40:36 826 posts
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    I picked this up for £12 a few weeks ago, with the intention of holding onto it until they fixed it enough to be playable. Seeing as it's free until then I started it last night.

    It's less annoying than beta but still way shoddy. However, it is super pretty and doing almost anything feels like an huge achievement (thanks to rubbish tutorials, terrible map and an evil menu system) so I'm strangely entertained by this.

    It's no WoW... but when I need a break from WoW I think it'll do the trick for a couple of hours. Fingers crossed it is one day all it could be!
  • SClaw 20 Dec 2010 14:11:18 826 posts
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    This game is shit. But I love it.

    Iíve been playing it interspaced with WoW, generally whenever my levelling buddy isnít around or Iím just bored of playing WoW. This means, in general, that Iím not being too bothered by the leve-reset thing Ė usually Iíll have at least a couple of things to do.
    However, that lasts about ten minutes before Iím all done. Fear not though, theyíve created much awesome busy work for players!

    The lack of an auction house is terrible. And I love it. I walk around the markets, checking out what the retainers are wearingÖ itís like actually shopping. The lag is better now so itís easy enough to go up an NPC whoís got some nice threads on, check the prices, remember where I saw it and then shop around. Yeah, itís choreÖ but itís sorta nice.

    And the crafting. I made a helmet last night, it was the FF14 equivalent of a 24-man raid. I had to make four other things to get this damn helmetÖ each of which required several other things from every school of crafting and gathering. It was an epic chore but hell I felt like I earned that damn helmet at the end and, wearing it, I feel like a goddamn hero because it was so much effort.

    Gathering is great too. Takes ages but the mini-game is strangely relaxing, much as I found planet scanning in ME2. I can just veg out watching TV and tapping away at the mines and making believe that Iíve discovered some sort of technique (there is no technique, itís luck).

    Reading that it sounds like the worst game ever. Playing itÖ it sort of feels that way too if you approach it in the wrong way. But it also feel like Iím really working for everything I get an the sense of achievement is absolutely immense for every little gain.

    The game is very much like early Star Wars Galaxies. Everything was hard, you were utterly shit at everything and all the stuff you need it far, far away and surrounded by mean people who hate your guts. It takes me back to when I was making speeder bikes, which took me months to grind up to, and I was absolutely sweeping the cash in. My brother played a doctor and would sit, for hours, buffing groups in Theed (surrounded by shouty f'ing sales droids). We got super rich and had several houses. Damn if we didnít feel like we earned that.

    While I love WoWís instant action, polish, great fun and ease of play I honestly think these intentionally awkward games have a place in MMOville. While I hate Eve because of its crappy community (in a general sense, I know youíre not all dicks) this is the thing that Eve does well Ė you always feel like you earned whatever you do the hard way. FF14 is, in a much more friendly way, just like Eve in that sense I think.
  • Deleted user 20 December 2010 14:13:21
    I can see it becoming a great game, its just a shame they released it two years early.
  • SClaw 20 Dec 2010 14:31:26 826 posts
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    But... I've gotten good money out of my £12 so far. Hopefully it'll stay free until Star Wars comes out!
  • SClaw 20 Dec 2010 15:09:47 826 posts
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    True on both counts. Maybe they can pull a Conan and bring it back from the brink!
  • SilentTristero 20 Dec 2010 16:38:01 441 posts
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    Nowhere near 'dead in the water' yet, all the recent upheaval amongst the producers and the large, regular updates have seen a lot of people go back to it. I've been checking it out about a month after getting fed up with it, and I'd say it's more than acceptable, now. The thing about it being free for the foreseeable future is obviously a big plus, as well.

    Tomorrows patch will finally allow for the searching of player retainers, among other things. Keeping a close eye on this. Some interesting content on the way.
  • Deleted user 20 December 2010 17:28:49
    The trouble with mmo launches is that they are make or break, yet devs still see fit to trot out unfinished and badly tested games, and by then the damage is done.
  • SilentTristero 21 Dec 2010 01:58:45 441 posts
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    All I can say is, we will see. Not being tied to any of those games in particular, or indeed any other MMO, I'm extremely interested to see what will happen by Summer next year.

    If these titles want to actively compete for my attention, then all the better for me. Right now, I'm not interested in WoW and FFXIV is at least intriguing to observe.

    So to be clear, my point here isn't 'FFXIV/SE is awesome and you're all wrong', but more that I'm not willing to rule out a potentially entertaining game at this stage. I certainly wouldn't wish ill upon the game with or without a terrible launch; as a person who enjoys games I'm looking for as much competition to occupy my time as possible.

    You've got to admit that headlines about the FFXIV team being shaken up and/or fired in the pursuit of true quality is much more interesting than 'Blizzard releases blowjob add-on'.
  • SClaw 21 Dec 2010 08:08:49 826 posts
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    Resorting to WoW bashing automatically invalidates your argument.

    Those two games are completely different and clearly designed to be played by different people. Most of the time. I'm playing both quite happy.
  • Lawrens 22 Dec 2010 21:45:44 398 posts
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    The problem with xiv isn't the fact they're not doing anything to improve it, they've been doing a really decent job, but it's going to take a long while for them to come up with anything, the indefinite free subscription is telling a lot.

    I wished they didn't make that stupid decision of releasing the game so early and just beta test it longer, change the development team or whatever, they could easily avoided all those bad press, everyone I know felt really disappointed and the game generally left a bad taste, might be a good thing when they finally relaunch the game because they won't be keeping up with the news, it might surprise everyone when ps3 version is out, but if they fail at that, then it would be a giant waste of money and time.
  • Deleted user 22 December 2010 21:56:23
    I will give it till PS3 launch (whenever that is) then have another look. The game is far from finished, the FF11 fanbase alone could keep it going and profitable. I will no doubt dip in again, there was obviously a very good and ambitious mmo in there despite the many unforgivable faults.

    They have spent too much money on it to just cut it loose. They know that they have a core audience from FF11 which they can build on. It will seem like a new launch when the PS3 version comes out, and they will have another chance by then to restore some of the damaged reputation.

    The game I played in beta was good despite the flaws. Just not good enough to pay for as it was obviously not finished. This whole thing has been a bit of a shambles, but I expect the game to do good numbers on the PS3, especially in Japan where FF11 was really strong on the PS2.
  • MightyMetalMonkey 23 Dec 2010 15:11:37 600 posts
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    I think that what people really wanted was FF11 with better graphics...
  • SClaw 23 Dec 2010 16:13:05 826 posts
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    Never played FF11.

    I just wanted catgirls, damn it!
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