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    Looking forward to this, will have to pick up a wii though, and I don't think this game has anything to do with other xeno games, Nintendo wanted to let them use the Xeno name because Takahashi loved his work on Xeno so much. I don't remember the official reason, but it was on one of the interviews.

    Here is hoping they still integrate some of the concept and ideas into this though.

    On the other hand, IIRC episodes I and II were paced according to schedule, and then episodes III-VI were all crammed into the third game, with loads left out.

    If you're talking about xenosaga, episode IV-VI wasn't crammed into episode III, they were however under development along with episode III if I remember correctly but were canceled shortly with the release of episode III.

    Most of episode III was originally in episode II, but during development, the freelance writer (Soraya Saga) was replaced, her script was then altered by the new writer and half of the plot was taken out and 'dumbed' down by the new director, the taken out scenes made it back into episode III and the development team canceled the rest of the project shortly after.

    Episode II was really bad due to having a new director and writer in charge, ironically they wanted the game to reach more audiences by simplifying the plot, but it sold less than episode I.
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    That looks (and sounds) annoyingly great in a 'wish I hadn't sold my Wii' kind of way...
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    Crumbs, that looks good.
  • Lawrens 6 May 2010 08:37:10 395 posts
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    Oh damn, that looks great. The environments seems to have a lot of details too.
  • Deleted user 7 May 2010 05:17:05
    Release date is June 10th in Japan, so this might be at E3 in an early English translation.
  • Deleted user 7 May 2010 17:46:11
    Lots of great new screenshots. Behind the two tabs with NEW symbol.
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    A few new battle movies when you click the first tab at the bottom.
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    Shiny! Bring on the EU release. Maybe spring next year?
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    What happened to the other Xenoblade thread?! It has disappeared, completely. 40-odd pages, gone. I was going to read through for some tips, but I suppose i'm just going to have to ask now.

    Does anybody have any party advice? My character levels are currently in the mid-40's and I believe I have all the party members i'm going to get, but i'm not too sure on which characters go best together. I've stuck with Shulk, Reyn and Sharla for most of the game as it's something i'm used to. Shulk takes the hits, Sharla keeps on healing and Shulk Breaks and Dazes enemies. It works well for the most part and requires little thought. However, i've recently tried experimenting with other party members and i'm not really finding any logical patterns. Dunban seems to have a similar role to Reyn, which makes him an easy swap, and athough I understand how to use Melia, i'm still not sure who to put with her. As for Riki, it's hard to even read what he's doing and his topple is too unpredictable to rely on, which makes working with Shulk more difficult.

    Edit - I can't find The Last Story's thread either. What's going on here? :/

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    I fear ecosse has gone which takes the threads out with him/her (or is on global ignore)
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    If so, then taking away a thread because of it is stupid.

    Anyway as for xenoblade, been a while since i played it now but just stick to what is working for you, dunban is similar to shulk but has a much higher change of dodging enemy attacks if boosted with the right gems. Riki is a tank along with reyn, but riki has some healing powers and some interesting attacks making him quite good to use.
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    Is he banned/GI'd for good? Some pretty big threads are gone...
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    When you activate one of the 1st side quests in the game (the one where you have to finds the womans key).
    Is there any way to activate the arrow on the hud to show you where to look, or do you just have to blindly search for it?
  • chrisno21 25 Mar 2012 22:21:04 2,166 posts
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    The second one, there are no go find this it's over here with a big arrow floating over it. Just explore and enjoy it.
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    ZizouFC wrote:
    Is he banned/GI'd for good? Some pretty big threads are gone...
    I wondered that as well. Saying that, a few big poster have just upped and left in the last 12 months.
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    Surely mods can reinstate the threads that have disappeared?
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    The art/material book arrived this morning! It's pretty nice. A fair amount of artwork that I haven't seen before as well as character designs, early sketches and information.

    It also shows you how to make a soft toy of a certain small warrior. :p

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    Hi Chaps
    Massive long shot, but does anyone have a "spare" game manual to the game they feel like selling ?
  • Kay 17 Oct 2012 14:45:28 20,046 posts
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    Just the manual? Would this help?


    Edit: Might need to copy + paste the entire link for it to load.

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  • Deleted user 17 October 2012 15:03:57
    Going to order a copy of this when the wii u releases i think. I am tempted to sit it out and see if they do a hd version though
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